Sunday, September 12, 2010

What About YOU? Your Impossible Dream

This week's What About You question is on Sunday, instead of Monday. Ready?

What is your Impossible Dream?

Possibly because we’ve lived in parsonages most of our married life, I long to own some property and our own home. My dream property will abound with trees who clap their hands in praise to the Lord. I will pray among them, write in the comfort of their shade, and glory in the turning of their leaves when fall comes.

Your turn…


  1. Quite as same as yours:)

  2. Jeanette:
    I would like to have a place to write, a room set up as my office/writing room. I was working on using our front bedroom as one but our son moved home because the company he worked for closed its doors. My computer and a lot of my writing things share his bedroom. It was his room first. But its been several years now.

  3. Hi Jen -

    I prefer to think of it as a dream deferred rather than impossible. Nothing is impossible with the Lord.

    I'd like a steady income, and a secure retirement.

    Susan :)

  4. Bills paid and freedom to not HAVE to work. So I can write...but the good Lord knows I'd probably squander the time... :)

  5. Visiting from Faith imagined,
    I would love more energy! I am in a toddler season with so many jobs and I feel worn out and tired most of the time. I love our farm and have just the spot for you to have a coffee and prayer! I'll put the kettle on....

  6. Jen, your dream hits home:) My Pastor's wife is currently longing for the same thing.

    As for me, I just want to stay in the presence of the Lord. I'm tired of letting life and circumstances from keeping from my Father's feet. The perfect dwelling place.

    Love you:)

  7. To adopt at least one child internationally...That's been a dream of mine for a long time.

  8. Oh, it was such a blessing to read everyone's post.

    Sigh. God has been so good to me, I really don't have any dreams...
    Just to live each day for HIM.

  9. Not sure about impossible - but my dream is to be a published author whose stories draw hearts closer to our creator.

    Love the pic! Loved reading about your dream too. :)

  10. Katie: The print you admired is the only Thomas Kinkade print we own--my husband bought it many years ago when he was working three jobs.

    Owning it was an impossible dream I'd had for years, that the Lord favored me with. When I gaze at its lovliness, I'm encouraged to believe for big things!

  11. My dreams changed a few years back. Like Susan, I dream of financial security now--where we can pay our bills and breathe:)

  12. Jeanette, how wonderful that you own that Thomas Kinkaid work of art. I love his work!

    Impossible dream........... To be rich in extravagant giving and generous hospitality, and to have more than enough to 'give to every good work'!


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