Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random, Crazy Thoughts

One of my eyes appear larger than the other because I wear only one contct lens.

It doesn't bother me.

Oh, I take that back. In photos, I look like I'm only excited on one
side of my face.

That's kinda nutty, don't you think?

I have an issue with enormous blow up toys in people's front yards.

It's really none of my business how they spend their money, but after all---what does a pink penguin in a tutu and angel wings have to do with Christmas?

My brother and I once thought a family of skunks playing in the leaves in our backyard were kittens.

When we hollored to our mom to see, she called an exterminator. I cried.
I've always hated to kill any kind of animal. Apart from bugs.

Gimme a random thought from your lovely brain today...


  1. This post is exactly why I love you. I have sad eyes. No matter how often and hard I smile...I still look a little sad. I'm always asked, "What's wrong?" when nothing is.

    And I can make a fabulous frog noise!
    ~ Wendy

  2. Due to an accident my smile looks like a sneer. I'd rather laugh.

    Squirrels playing on the highway are begging for a short life.

  3. If pickles were toes would mine be sweet or sour?

  4. My thought isn't random: I really don't want to go to the dump today! But I gotta do it. *sigh*

    I love your eyes and smile! I don't wear contacts but one of my eyes is always wider than the other too. My ears are crooked. :-)

  5. I can't eat cereal slowly. It can't get to soft or its soggy and I wont eat it! One eyebrow is higher than the other...

  6. Does "sitka bunnies" really count as dust? After all, the dog hair can roll across the floor on it's on.

  7. I haven't had a gummy bear during this holiday season and I'm having withdrawal. Love those things!

  8. I was actually thinking today would be the perfect day to put on a thong bikini and have a good laugh. :O)

    ...and I'm a drooler when I sleep.

  9. Random thought: Why do people feel they need to remind us over and over again the things we learned as a child?

  10. Oh, Quiet, I am so with you on this one!!! I grit my teeth and scream inside when someone says, "This box would be a good one to put catalogs in," when I've been at this job for four years, or my husband tells me that a kangaroo is a marsupial. Arrggghhh!!!

  11. I like most bugs. We used to collect them when we were kids. We didn't kill them, just sort of play with them. I have made peace with spiders. I don't kill them unless they are in my house and even then, not all of them.

    My face looks very sad when I'm not smiling. I guess I have to smile all the time.

  12. I'm with Alicia.....I can't eat cereal slow either! lol

    RANDOM THOUGHT: How do you KNOW it's really true when they say "NEW AND IMPROVED" on a bag of dog food?


  13. Oh, I forgot to tell you.....I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG LOOK! :> )

  14. Goose Hill Farm: You are so funny! I don't know how you'd tell; I guess you need to ask the doggie!!!

  15. I get a small dimple at the side of my left eye when I smile to the maximum I can! I remember I had fallen off a swing when I was tenish and that was where I was hurt, so I am guessing that must be the reason how I got it--- Not by birth, not by surgery but by my excitement to go as high as I could on that swing! :)

  16. Hi Jen -

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    Susan :)

  17. If Dolly Parton can make big money selling tickets for her Dixie Stampede, could I cash in on our very own Dinnertime Stampede Schrock Style?

    After buying endless stacks of blue jeans, it made this auntie happy as a clam to buy very girlie clothes for the littlest niece.

    Why does natural sugar taste better in my coffee than the white stuff?

    And these are just a few of my random thoughts.

    P.S. - I love this picture of you!

  18. You have beautiful eyes.

    Animals: I hear you. I wanted to watch the series on meerkats, but they kept dying and I just couldn't take it.


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