Friday, February 11, 2011

Are You Waiting to be Whole?

If you are waiting to be whole before you allow God to use you,
you'll never step out.

Let Him encourage, heal, and bless others through you,
broken as you are.

They will listen. They will come. They will say,
"If God can do good through her, surely He can use me."


  1. You got me. I've been waiting for that exact thing, thinking I am such a mess right now that He will never use me until I get my life back to normal.

  2. Yes. Actually. Thanks:)

  3. I'm broken and weak, but our God is so amazing He's still able to use me.

    ~ Wendy

  4. Funny, husband and I had a similar discussion just this week. He would be saying to this messed-up girl, "Amen! Listen to her!"

    Love this post.

    Huggin' your neck,


  5. I love that part, "If He can use her, He can use anybody." That is how I feel. Since I won't get it right, I might as well do it wrong. (Martin Luther called it "sinning boldly".) Not on purpose, but just because it's better than sitting on it. You encouraged me to carry on today.

  6. Oh, Jeanette, you are so right. We'd never be good enough!

  7. Excellent point! Look at how many bible heroes were broken, but God used them mightily.

  8. Hi Jen -

    We're all a work in progress much like our writing. We depend on the Master Editor to come along with His red pen and deal with the issues in our lives.

    Susan :)

  9. I am so inclined to work out of my strengths, rather than my brokeness. This is a good reminder.

    ps. I am enjoying your sweet visits to my blog.

  10. Hi Jen,
    This is the message I have been trying to tell my "broken" son. He is on the verge of making a leap toward wholeness, but I know God can use him at any stage in his journey. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. As honest as I can be, I find myself waiting to be thin. I think part of it is our culture, so focused on youth and beauty. And I'm not that young...

  12. Jeanette:
    We all have things that could hold us back. I started getting serious about writing before I had a computer, before I had a typewriter or a permanent place for one. Had I let those things stop me. I wouldn't be doing what God wanted me to.

  13. Truer words were never spoken, Jeanette. God uses cracked pots, and I'm one of them.


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