Friday, May 20, 2011

Random, Crazy Thoughts

Every now and then when I say, "Praise the Lord!" about some good news I hear, a little fretting voice in my head will say, "Watch out; you might offend someone." Wait just a dang minute. Do they care if they offend me by taking the Lord's precious Name in vain? Do they worry that I might not like seeing half-naked women on TV and magazine ads? No. Well then, I am going to praise my Lord, the giver of all good gifts, whenever I want to. He is worthy. And I'm practicing for Heaven, where everyone will be praising Him all the time. So there.

I drink tons of water. I am never without a bottle of water, or cup of tea. We even keep several water bottles in the car, and take them on planes when we travel. I believe it keeps me young and healthy.

I hate weeds, lies, and clutter.
I love birds, truth, and facial hair on men (my husband has a full beard and moustache. He looks like an old testament prophet or a mountain man. Maybe both).

Do you worry that you might offend someone when you offer praise to God?

How much water do you drink?

What do you hate/love?


  1. Amen, though I really need to drink more water.

    I don't worry too much about offending others when it comes to faith stuff.

    ~ Wendy

  2. Good for you on both counts, Wendy! I admire that.

  3. I think sometimes that the world is turned upside down! I am careful when it comes to exclaimations of faith, but am becoming much better by filling myself more with His word. And I'm working on drinking more water, and drinking peppermint or green tea daily. I guess you can say I am a WIP!

  4. Excellent Jeanette. Sadly, I am concerned more than I should be that something I say with an Amen will offend another. Not what I should be doing--good topic for my prayers today.

  5. I like to say "Praise the Lord." Most of the time, I don't edit myself out. I drink lots of water. I prefer a clean shaven face, but my husband grows facial hair off and on, so I like that, too.

  6. I seldom drink anything but water.

    And though I've always tried not to offend anyone, I'm w/you on offending others w/our praise.

    I love animals, kids, my sweet hubby & boys, and gardens. Books, writing . . .


  7. I love my kitties, lilacs in bloom, the smell of a new book, and the sound and feel of the ocean. Like Caroline, I drink only water most of the time, though I am a sucker for a chai latte. And my dear, there is no such thing as a mountain man in Illinois. We both know that. :)

  8. This was most definitely random! Which is why I love it! I need to drink more water and yes, in a public school, I often worry that I will say something too "Christian" and then I get upset for thinking that way. Bah!

  9. VERY random :)
    And I'm all about water. It's my drink of choice.

  10. I,also, need to drink more water.

    I don't worry about offending a person when I praise the Lord. When I was working, we had a patron who was Jewish. We had to listen as she made less than kind comments about things Christian. I wasn't allowed to express my thoughts on her offending us.But I couldn't offend her.

  11. Jill: But my man was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, where the great Mt. Hood watches over all. And we spent most of our married life in California. So there. ;)

  12. Hi Friend,

    I love your post title, "Random, Crazy Thoughts," you have read my mind.

    In the last 3 weeks I offended family members who are not Christians. The Lord had opened a door to share about Him, and I knew it was not by chance, so I shared whatever He put on my heart, at each opportunity. It was not received well at the time, but as time goes by I have noticed that one of my family members are suddenly interested in life after death, they have questions. I'm really trying to focus on
    Philippians 1:20 ( "help me Lord")

    Water: rarely drink anything but water.

    Hate: Sin
    Love: God :o)

    God bless you
    P.S. Adorable Picture of your husband

  13. I basically only drink water - and coffee in the morning. I like lemon or lime in my water for a 'fresh' taste. I read somewhere that you take your body weight, divide it in half and that the amount of ounces one should drink daily. That means... I'm not drinking enough water!

    Love and hate... such strong words...

    I love big hearts and I hate small minds!

  14. It's time to ramp up the water drinking again. Thanks for reminding me.

    I love the weather that's letting me get out and run again. I hate the pain that comes with the first run.

    I love freshly-ground Highlander Grogg or Jamaican Me Crazy coffee.

    I hate having to wait.

    I love boys. Well, four of them anyway, and their dad.

    I hate slow lines. Never fails, I'll pick the slowest one.

    I love small blue jeans for small boys.

    I hate when jeans feel too small on me. (See remark about running.) Ahem.

    I love...YOU.

  15. Does coffee count as water?

    I hate: beets and yams - spiders - legalists - unaffectionate personalities

    I love: kittens - garage sales - a good historical novel - coffee - my husband when he winks at me - my baby girl when she gives me a kiss

  16. That's a big ending question!! I love my husband!! He is such a sweetie but he shaved off his mustache of thirty years and I am still having trouble recognizing him. But it made him look so much younger!
    And ALL I drink is water!

  17. I loved this post, Jeanette. I need to drink more water. And I love how my son teaches me to praise without worrying about man.

    p.s. my hubby has facial hair and I love it too;)

  18. Sometimes that thought crosses my mind, but I try and remember that only God's opinion of me is the important one. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Yes, I drink a lot of water. Always have some with me. My next favorite is lightly sweetened iced tea. I also indulge in Diet Coke sometimes, and I really should cut back on that.

    Have a great day,
    Karen :)

  19. I don't drink enough water. I carry it around but forget I have it with me.

    While I don't go out of my way to offend someone, it happens because I'm outspoken about my faith.

    Susan :)


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