Monday, September 5, 2011

I Wish I Was Tougher. Or Do I?

I wish I wasn't so sensitive.

I feel things deep and wide and dark and ouchy.

And I can't stand to witness others' pain, either.

I even wig out over hurt animals. I mean, I lose it.

Helpless, hurting, lost, broken people mess with my heart.

But, I would like to be a little tougher.

Wouldn't that be a good thing?

Or not?


  1. I've spent too much time thinking I should be less sensitive, too, but no more. It's the way I was made to be. Others appreciate it in me (except for my ex, if that's telling), and it's made me a more caring and compassionate individual. I've come to find the goodness in it. Now my task is helping my 8yo daughter learn to appreciate and cope with her sensitivities. It is a good thing.

  2. Wanting to be a little tougher is not bad. It's like we bother ourselves for something which is either not in our hands or should be dealt with by us in a 'practical' way. I have been ULTRA sensitive and can use the exact lines for myself. But I guess it's all about trying to be (or even act) a little stronger on the helps. It helps me:)

  3. Twice this week male friends have teared up in my presence while I sat dry eyed. And I wonder, am I not sensitive enough? God puts us in places where were needed and that may be sharing tears to show compassion or staying dry eyed to get the job done or move on. I see both as blessings. Stay true to you!!

  4. You are what God created! And it is Good!
    I am what He created! And it is Good!
    We are different! And it is Good!

    Love to you Jeanette

  5. There are many movies and shows I can't watch because I hate to see poeple hurt. I don't even like to see them yelled at. And little anials are so special. I used to stop and move turtles off the road.

    I think that I want to be tough with myself, but I don't want to ever "get used to" people hurting others. That would mean that I'd been desensitised and I don't want that to happen.

  6. Glenda: Yep, major one. Which can be good, if it spurs me to action.

  7. Feeling hurts sometimes, doesn't it? But it can also produce the greatest joy. :)

  8. We have similar attributes, Jeanette. I've often wished that I was tougher, too. But you know what? The world needs compassion. The world needs people who will say, "That's not right," or "Why don't you leave her alone," or "You can't treat him that way."

    I think it's part of witnessing, and also a very human trait that we are supposed to experience. I feel sad for people who are insensitive or indifferent.

    Thank you for this post and for the link to Mary Demuth's site. Love her. :-)

    Be well.


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