Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Secret Offerings

Does God ever ask you to do something out of the ordinary or embarassing?

Please read my devotional, Secret Offerings, on CBN.com today, and leave a comment if you like. I hope it makes you laugh, think, or both.


  1. A beautiful post from a beautiful heart of obedience. I pray I can be obedient to leave it all behind should I be asked, as well!

    God bless you, Jeannette.

  2. I had to log in to leave a comment, so I'm coming back here. As one who collects wheat pennies also, I feel your pain! I love how God humbles us though. Funny story!

  3. Congrats on two devotionals on CBN.com within a couple of months!

    I understand. Obedience without arguing - ouch.

  4. Oh honey, this was simply beautifully written. I sooo understand.

    God has tugged at my heart to do some pretty bizarre things but by obedience I'm always blessed.

    Your post reminds me of a sweet lady who used to attend our church years ago. She was about a burger short of a happy meal is ya get me drift.

    My hubs is an usher and she would weekly give things like watches and her Aunt Thelma's pickle recipe in the offerin'. We always got a chuckle but I'd bet my bottom 'wheat' that God was smilin' down on her.

    God bless ya sweetie and have an amazin' day!!! :o)

  5. Shedding the cloak of self-consciousness to obey his command, even when embarrassing. As I mentioned in my comment on CBN, thank you for your beautiful post and for reminding us that there is someone greater we should worry about impressing.

    Blessings to you and yours.


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