Thursday, September 22, 2011


I have a confession to make: I am impatient. It's not my worst fault, but it's up there in the top three, I'm afraid. 

If a customer takes fifteen minutes to tell me why they need marblized ivory paper in a strange size for their wedding announcements, I smile and nod, but my mind wanders to the list of 456 things I have to do, and I grit my teeth while I think, would you please hurry up and just order the paper before I scream?

If my husband is explaining why he made a particular choice of travel route, purchase at the grocery store, or Scripture for a sermon, I fake interest, but my brain goes to the article I'm working on while I think, I trust your judgment, honey; I don't need a three-part outline every time you pick peaches instead of plums.

I am a very good actress. Most people have no inkling that while I listen, I'm in anguish over their long explanations or stories.

Because I genuinely love and like people, they must sense that I'm interested in them. Really. I am.

But I'm also big into not wasting time. And if I feel someone is wasting my time, I get agitated, irritated, even angry.

So now you know. One of my besetting sins. I hate it. I'm working on it. But it's still part of me. At least until Jesus comes to get me and He perfects me. I just hope He doesn't explain to me beforehand how He's going to do it...

Do you feel better when someone confesses a fault or sin, knowing you are not alone? Or does it make you uncomfortable, especially when it's online?


  1. Okay, I must admit, I do this sometimes too. Especially if I am tired, stressed, or preoccupied (which means most of the time, lol). No excuse, I know. Trusting the Lord to refine this area in my life. Thanks for spilling the beans and helping me own up.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Because my thought usually swim and it takes me time to communicate them in some sort of orderly fashions to others, I can relate to your husband--the Mrs. will usually begin thinking of other things while I am talking.

  3. Oh, I'm most like that on the phone. I'm just not a phone person, and dislike long phone chats. I even make lists or notes and have even been know to totally tune out what the other person is saying. Yep, an area I need to work on.

  4. God made is for relationship but he made it challenging (and fun)! I am like your husband, I think--detailed and analytical. I've learned to read that glossy eyed look but sometimes I'm mischevious and just keep on talking. :)

    I don't always see these traits as faults but rather as gifts in other areas. Somethings do need details but others need the 'get to it' approach which is tougher for me. I guess the sin would be just not accepting, and being judgemental of others who do things differently. That's one I need to constantly work on!

  5. Slamdunk: It's not that my DH is slow in getting his thoughts out; it's that I want a teaspoon of explanations--especially if I understood it on the first go-round--and he wants to give me a boatload. He has a teaching gift, and HAS to explain or explode. Ohhh--there's a book title!

  6. If I confess my impatience here, I'm afraid I'll have to work harder to overcome it. LOL! I really don't do well visiting with the ill and elderly because I find it hard to listen with patience to a litany of woes, even though I sympathize with them. I realize those who focus on their own problems probably don't have a lot else going on in their lives, but I'm too quick to change the subject to something more "interesting" or comfortable. I rationalize that they'll enjoy the more uplifting visit, but in truth my reason is selfish. ::sigh:: So yes, I really DO need to work harder to overcome it.

  7. It seems I have spurts of hurry and patience. It definitely takes a concentrated effort to be focused on another without my mind wandering constantly. :O)

  8. Jeanette:
    Hubby has picked up the habit of 'going round Robin Hood's barn when he talks about things. His late sister did it all the time. A couple of friends of mine do it but one realizes it. The other doesn't always.It gets me confused. I don't believe writers should be confused. I prfer to hear the story straight. Yes, I guess that makes me impatient too.

  9. We share that one.... you must have been reading my mail too!

    Thanks for the 'fess up.... you did it in such a fun way. It's always encouraging to know we not the only ones!

    Except one time I blogged about some 'fess up and in that case, everyone who posted a comment did not have that problem.

    I did a little left out in the open on that in my 'underwear' but then I laughed.

    Who cares..... God still loves me so it's okay.

  10. Hehehe. Must have something to do with being married to preachers. I get in all kinds of trouble for trying to hurry hubby up to finish a sentence or a thought. *sigh* Guess that makes me impatient, too!
    : )

  11. Jeanette, you are soooo cute! Of course it makes me feel better knowing I'm not alone. Let me tell you why......teeheee, just kidding. Have a great week.

  12. I LOVE hearing confessions from people especially when people SEEM perfect on the outside. Makes me think, "Whew! I'm not the only slacker!" :-)

  13. Oh, me too. I am so much a "need to know basis" kind go person, and mu husband is a "you need to know everything in order to feel I've explained" person. And i'm impatient in the other direction as well when he needs me to explain things in detail. (Really, when I say, 'eat the leftovers,' does he have to ask where they are? Um, in my dresser drawer. What do you think??) So, that's when I get most impatient--not listening but having to explain. And I do appreciate hearing others' confessions of imperfection!


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