Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ofice Products & Chocolate Prize Basket Drawing Bigger This Year!

Chocolate to be added later for optimum freshness!
This year’s I Love My Blog Followers prize drawing is bigger and better than ever, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes!!!
1st prize: A super-duper office products & chocolate basket worth over $50!!!
2nd prize: A prayer journal suitable for a lovely lady or a marvelous man, two pens, and chocolate!!
3rd prize: Four pens and chocolate!

To enter, you must:

1. Be a follower of this blog. New followers are always welcome!

2. Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite kind of chocolate and the title of my debut book coming out in April, 2012. Hint: Go to My Secret is Out! post or look around this blog a bit…

3. Include your email address.

If you’d like additional entries, do any of the following, then leave a separate comment telling me you did so.

One extra entry if you follow me on Twitter.

Two extra entries if you go (or have already gone) to my Facebook author page and like me.

Three extra entries for posting this contest on your Facebook page or re-tweeting it.

Five extra entries if you agree to be part of my blog tour when Mirth and Worth releases in April, 2012.

That’s a potential total of 15 entries for you, my tremendous, talented, tickle-me friend!!!

Note: I must have your email addy to enter you in this contest. If you do all of the above for a ton of entries but fail to give me your email addy, I cannot contact you when you win. And that would make me and my prizes and chocolates very sad.

Drawing ends at midnight, Sunday, October 30th. I will post the winners Tuesday, November 1st. Thank you, lovely peeps for all your kindness and support over the last three years of blogging. You have enriched my life and made me a better writer, Christian, and person.

I love you,


  1. Mirth and Worth in the Real Lane!

    Asking re. my favorite chocolate is like asking which of my children I love more! But I'll try by confining my choices to the check out lane at the grocery and say a Snicker or Milky Way bar. (Or a Mounds - if that's the one with dark chocolate)...

  2. Oohhh, I want to win some chocolate for sure! :)

    Let's see...I'm a follower of your blog. My favorite chocolate is Lindt Truffles. Your book title is Mirth and Worth in the Real Lane. I follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page, and would love to join your blog tour in April. Whew! How many entries does that get me? I'm dying for chocolate over here! :)

    sarah (at) sarahforgrave (dot) com

  3. Rebecca:

    I'd love to enter you, but I need an email addy!

    Sarah: Nine, darlin! Way to go!

  4. "Mirth and Worth in the Real Lane," that's what.

    Of course, I follow you. Of COURSE, I like your author's page.

    My dirty secret is that my favorite chocolate is...white! Really.

    I'm following you on Twitter, and my email address is Your love of gift-giving shines in these photos, Jen!

  5. What a generous offering! I'm in Canada so will leave this lovely basket to my American friends. I will let you know I love dark chocolate, especially with almonds. Look forward to your blog tour in April!

  6. Mirth and Worth in the Real Lane!!!! I enjoy your blog, Jeanette, and I'd love to host your new book on a blog tour whether I win one of your wonderful prizes or not.

  7. Oh, by the way, my favorite chocolate is a caramel turtle! Yum!!!

  8. A chocolate extravaganza, J!! Let's see. Of course I follow you. I also tweet with you. favorite chocolate is WHITE, not brown. I know. In a betrayal of all that's feminine, right?

    Of course, I like your author's page, and absolutely, I'll push your new book, "Mirth and Worth in the Real Lane."

    My email address is, and I'll snap this right over on my wall.

    You're such a giver! May it come back to you tenfold.

  9. Dear Jen,
    What fun!
    Well, I already like your fb page and follow your blog and Twitter. I'd follow you to the ends of the earth, dear friend ;D And I already tweeted about this special giveaway!

    My fav chocolate? Probably chocolate covered pretzels or Lindt truffles. And your book: Mirth & Worth in the Real Lane.

    And of course I'd join your blog tour in April. I'd do it with or without a giveaway. I just know it'll be a great read!!

    My email address:

    Love you lots,

  10. Jeanette:

    1. I am a follwer of this blog.

    2. I Have to have white chocolate-caffiene sensitive. Mirth and Worth in the Real Lane.

    3. cll4him(AT)sbcglobal(DOT)net

  11. Jeanette:
    I LIKED your author page.

    I have agreed to be on your blog tour in April 2012.

    I am going back to FB and share the information on my page.

  12. I follow you on Blogger. My favorite chocolate is Snickers bar. Your book is Mirth and Worth In The Real Lane.(Excited about that.) I think your prizes are wonderful. You are so generous.
    Email - gracieprior3(at)gmail(dot) com.

  13. Jen, I love you too! So glad the Lord brought us together.

    What a wonderful giveaway! Of course, I'm in! :) I like dark chocolate, but really, any chocolate will do.

    I am a happy follower.

    Your book is called Mirth and Worth in the Real Lane.

    I like your Facebook author page. (Who wouldn't?)

    I posted about this on my FB page.

    And of course, I will be a part of the blog tour. Can't wait!

    Thanks and blessings,

  14. Congrats on the book: Mirth and Worth in the Real Lane. I think that will be worth a read and a cup of tea.

    I didn't see my little icon on the followers so I double followed and there it is!

    I'd love to be entered in your giveaway but am happy to read regardless. I love milk chocolates best with ANYTHING or NOTHING in the choclate...not sure I'd like chocolate bugs though ;-)

    Be blessed.

  15. I went to facebook (new to me this year) and liked your page for another entry.

    ruparanoid2 at yahoo dot com


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