Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank a Veteran Today

If you don't have a vet in your family, go to any Senior Center, American Legion, or V.F.W., find a person who put thier neck on the line to keep you free, and thank them. Then say a prayer for all the soldiers who are thousands of miles from home and family, fighting to help us stay free from oppression.

God Bless You, Veterans! Thank you for caring.


  1. Amen again Jeanette. This is a group that is not recognized enough.

  2. Amen!! We're thrilled that my cousin, a Marine, will be returning from Afghanistan tomorrow.

    God bless him and all the rest who are sacrificing for something far greater than themselves.

    Very fitting tribute, Jeanette.

  3. Good words. We all need to appreciate our veterans. I'm so glad you remembered them with this tribute on this day.

  4. Jeanette:
    I attended a Veteran's Day program at an area school today. One of the speakers heads an organization that documents the stories of veterans. The other speaker was a teacher who got activated to go to Iraq (USNR). He was in a construction battalion. He retired two years ago after 23 years of service.
    As I was leaving the gymnasium, I shook his hand and thanked him.

  5. Yes, yes, yes. You have no idea how much that means.

  6. 2,4 & 7 ; we have so much in common!
    So glad you stopped by my Blog today.
    It's a good day anytime I meet. New Bloggy friend.
    I signed on to Follow you, so I'll be baaaack!


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