Thursday, December 8, 2011

5 Time Saving Tips to Ease Stress and Get More Done

Need more hours in your day? I can help. The following list is an excerpt from my presentation at the Inland Northwest Christian Writers Conference, coming up on March 16-17, 2012 in Spokane, WA. I chose the ones I believed would be most beneficial to aid you in keeping your sanity through the Holiday season.

1.        Ask yourself, “If I only had time to do ONE thing on my list, what would I do?”
2.        Learn to say “no” without apologizing.
3.        Laugh frequently. Find things to make yourself laugh. Hang around funny people.   Laughter releases the same endorphins that exercise does, so it keeps you healthy and relieves stress.
4.      Don’t underestimate the power of five, ten, or fifteen minutes of work to whittle away at a huge project. Even God created the entire universe in six parts.
 5.       Take something with you to put away when you walk to another room, to keep clutter at a minimum.
What time-saving tips do you use during the holidays--or any time--to keep your life manageable?


  1. These are All great ones, Jeanette! I especially like the "laugh" one...

  2. I love Number 4:)) And all of them are so true.Hope you are getting excited about the conference!

  3. I do what needs to be done first and then get to the rest when I can. Some days its easier than others... :O)

  4. Great tips! Sometimes you just need to take abreak, go for a walk or meet a friend for a cup of tea. I find that helps too. I am trying very hard to make Christmas less stressful so I can enjoy it too.

  5. Yay! I'm always telling my kids and my hubby to do more of #5. SO much can get accomplished that way. I definitely need more of the laughter, and reprieve from thoughts about getting things done when I'm doing something more important, like spending quality time with my kids. Thanks for this post!

  6. Great tips. I just have one universal tip that helps me: I put everything away as soon as I'm done with it. That means outer wear, mail, used clothes, etc.

  7. Ha, I love the second tip. Why do some people think being Christian equals being a doormat? I read a quote once that explained, "'No' is a complete sentence." Saying "no" without apologizing is definitely an important tool to master to ease stress and create healthier boundaries.

    As for my own time-saving tips during the holidays, I make a list of one (manageable) thing I'd like to get done per day.

    Thanks for the tips! :-)


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