Monday, January 9, 2012

Prepare for Your Dream

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When a well-known preacher was a boy, his mother decided their family needed a swimming pool. In spite of her husband’s refusal to agree, she persisted in her dream. Every few weeks she’d bring up the matter again, undaunted each time he said, “No.” She even measured the back yard, planning the right spot for their future pool. After many months of praying, praising God, and preparing, her dream materialized.

A couple attended the church her husband pastored, telling him that they were pool builders, and the Lord had directed them to travel across the country and build their family a pool free of charge. When they arrived at the house to measure the backyard, they were surprised to find the wife's calculations were perfectly suited for a swimming pool.

In spite of her husband’s nay saying, the Lord gave this faithful lady the desire of her heart.

What dreams has God put in your heart? Is Satan trying to steal them from you by discouraging words from others, or negative thoughts? What are you doing to prepare for them to materialize?

Start today with a baby step to pave the way for God to make your dream come true. Pray, praise, and prepare for that dream to become reality!


  1. What an inspiring story, Jeanette! I don't know about you, but when I think of Satan as the one challenging me, rather than my own...uh, discouraging fires up my will to overcome. :)

  2. Twice on two different blogs I've been asked what kills creativity and my answer both times has been encouragement. I feed my dreams and invest in them, doing things daily to see them come to fruition. This is a surefire discouragement killer.
    ~ Wendy

  3. Thanks for the pep talk Jeanette.

    A blogging friend recently wrote a book on inspiring creativity. As I was thinking about it, I wondered if workshops targeting persons who may have never tried creative writing would be well received--perhaps at senior centers or senior residential places.

    One could offer tips, encouragement, and help (for those who have trouble holding a pen). But, quickly that little doubting voice jumped into my head with reasons why it would not work. I need to put a muzzle on that talker.

  4. Fun story! I especially like the Praise part. It's so easy to forget to praise God for whatever will occur before anything has happened.
    Have a great day!

  5. I've noticed the things that I write down every year in the "oh I wish I could do that" category are things God takes care of supernaturally... this year I wrote "go back East, visit my uncle in Princeton and go to NYC." Financially impossible right now. My aunt called last week, out of the blue, and invited me to fly back with her this spring, all expenses paid, so she can look at some vacation property in Rhode Island. And visit my uncle. And go to NYC. God is good. : )

  6. Love this story, Jeanette!

    God puts dreams on our heart for several reasons - hope, faith, and love.

  7. You're always so encouraging, Jeanette! I'm beginning to wonder if my dreams are the dreams the Lord has for me? Has he planted these specific passions in my heart? Following God is such an adventure, isn't it?

  8. That is truly a remarkable story. It just shows how God answers prayer in all areas.

    My goal is to trust God more and more. I want to speak these things I believe out and get this "fret not" thing accomplished. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could just do it?

  9. Love this post, Jeanette! Encouraging blogs like this really help me and other writer friends have been encouraging me lately as well, pointing out the good in what could seem like a negative situation. I have to keep God's timing in mind and know that He has my best interest at heart, AND there is purpose in everything. Thanks!

  10. Yes, I do have dreams! I water them with prayer and look for doors to knock on. Of course, friends like YOU help me a great deal. Without lifegiving words from others, I don't know if I could hang in there. It helps me to know that I'm on the right track.

    Thank you for all the 'life' you've poured into me, my spunky friend. And I'm so very happy for your dreams that are coming true this year. I pray the Lord gives you many more 'yeses!'

  11. Hey, I never thought about dreaming and planning for a pool. Seriously, I have to tell myself, I'll never reach a dream, if I don't work and try with the Lord's help. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. Sweet story. I have vision boards, but must admit that I do look at them with doubt in my mind. God can do anything. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Jeanette - I just received your pretty orange pens in the mail on Monday evening. Thanks so much and I hope your book goes to the top of the charts. It sounds so good. Can't wait.

  14. Hi Jen -

    Yes, I have dreams. Thanks for the reminder. I'll be writing about how discouragement almost killed mine.

    Thank you for always being there for me. You are truly a blessing from God, my friend.


  15. Dreams give us something to reach for. And as long as they are God's will and not just our own, he often rewards our faithfulness by granting the desire of our hearts. God is so good! I'll bet that pool brought much pleasure to the family and many other friends, too. :)


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