Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Patience Pinching and Chicken Chests

Since I know you're wild with curiosity to find out who pinches my patience and why we call chicken breasts chicken chests, I agreed to A 5-Question Interview with the lovely Jill Kemerer on her blog today.

That was a lie. Jill asked me, and I said yes.

I love her Five Question interviews on Wednesdays, and was thrilled when she invited me to join her.

I hope you have fun reading my nutty answers!


  1. Jen, your answers are SO funny! Thank you sooo much for being my guest today!

  2. These are questions to which I *must* hear your answers, so I'm heading over there right now! :)

  3. Just left a comment over at Jill's site, and have started following her.

    Fun interview. Look forward to your book coming out. You're a hoot, btw. :)



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