Monday, April 2, 2012

It is What it Is: Why You Won't Hear Me Say This, and a Contest Winner

Stupid saying 1. It Is What It Is
                Our lawn is tickling our nose, we need an undertaker for our marriage, and our checkbook hasn’t balanced since Reagan was prez. But this stupid saying gives us the perfect excuse to leave things alone, and be as lazy as we please.  
Stupid Saying 2. Good Luck
                If someone says this to me, I politely respond, “thank you.” But under my breath, I counter it with, “I don’t need luck. I have God on my side. He will protect me, help me, and give me wisdom.”  I don’t do luck. I do faith in a God who has promised never to leave me alone.

Stupid Saying 3. It’s All Good
            Oh, really? Are the people who say this blind, deaf, or both? If we’re at Baskin Robbins, Wilbur Chocolate Factory, or Starbucks and you say this, okay. Otherwise, nothing is ALL good except Jesus and Heaven, and we’re not there yet.  

You didn’t know I was this sarcastic, hmmm?  Do any popular sayings irritate you?
And now that I'm done griping, I'm pleased to  announce the winner of Love on the Range drawing by Jessica Nelson..
Kerry from A Lamp, a Light, and a Writer. Congratulations, Kerry! I will mail this sweet historical romance to you within two weeks--I know you'll love it!


  1. Congratulations Kerry.

    Hmm, I've always thought check ya later was a bit odd. ;)

    ~ Wendy

  2. I don't care for the good luck either but I know they mean well:) Like you, I think I don't need luck,I have God on my side. Oh, don't like I will send good thoughts to you--I prefer prayers:))

  3. Congrats to Kerry.

    Excellent point wit your #2. Our version is "good skill"--much better than luck.

  4. Hi Jeanette,

    I tried to leave a comment but it disappeared. Sorry if you get two from me! :)

    Thank you so much! I'm very excited to read Jessica's book!

    One expression I've read on FB that drives me a little crazy is, "sending positive thoughts/vibes your way," instead of praying for someone. I try to pray that God would open that person' eyes through the Holy Spirit so they can see the Truth.

    God Bless,

  5. Yeah, I'm not fond of any of those, either. My pet peeve of the moment, however, is "back in the day." Not sure why, but it just irritates me!
    Now watch me end up saying it today because I'm thinking about it!

  6. Congrats Kerry!

    Great thoughts on those sayings, Jeanette. I find myself saying, "I'm wishing you all the best" instead of "Good Luck." I don't know if that is just as dumb...

  7. Congratulations, Kerry! :D

    I don't believe in luck either......we have Jesus Christ....nothing else is needed!


  8. Hi Jen -

    If someone says, "You're lucky," I grin and say, "I'm blessed."

    Congrats to Kerry!

    Susan :)

  9. I guess this is a variant of, "It is what it is." I've often heard, "That's just the way it is." Meaning there's nothing to be done about it. It's always infuriated me. Makes me want to change "it."

  10. It's strange how thoughts pop out of our mouths before being vetted by our brains. "Don't worry; be happy" is one that a friend of ours says, and while I understand what he means, and don't think of it as stupid, I always want to come back with, "I can't do either unless I'm leaning on God's mercy."

    Congratulations to Kerry. Jessica's book is great!

  11. Congrats to Kerry!

    Yes, I don't do luck either. Who needs luck when you have God? :)



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