Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Snoopy Love

When I was ready to give up on writing a book and go back to pulling weeds and crocheting in my spare time, this friend said, "You have something worthwhile to say. Please don't give up."

When I needed a place to stay for the Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference last August, this friend said, "Be my guest!" (And she cooks a terrifice pot roast)

When I asked for people to host me on their blog to promote Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top, this friend said, "Sign me up!" then took her precious time to create a custom-made interview that will knock your socks off!

Susan Reinhardt, Friend Extrodinairre, Snoopy fan, and my first crit parter is interviewing me on her blog, Christian Writer/Reader Connection today and next Wednesday. It would honor me to see you there, and you may find a few surprises, too!

Do you have a special friend you couldn't live without?


  1. Good to have a group of "I'm here to do whatever to help" friends. Other than the Mrs., not now--but it is probably a product of having small kiddos who demand lots of mom and dad time.

  2. My bff Nancy. We've been friends forever and a day. We keep each other humble.

  3. I do, I do! I didn't know you and Susan are critters. :-) That's awesome!!

  4. Hi Jen -

    Major blushing going on here. I seem to recall lots of telephone calls with me weeping on your shoulder, your help with the dreaded proposal, and your willingness to critique endless devotionals, articles, and my manuscript.

    You're a treasured friend, my dear.

    Susan :)


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