Sunday, May 6, 2012

Need Help Managing Your Time?

"I was not born organized. My crib was messy, I did not eat on schedule, and all my puzzles had missing pieces. And that was just last week.
But… I learned some tricks and secrets from people who had tidy cribs and never lost puzzle pieces. I hung out with some of them—my husband in particular—and let them rub off on me. Now, I am neater than he is, and that makes him mad. But he’s not here to defend himself, so there.
I started writing when my kids were babies of one and three, took a sabbatical of ten years, then started up again when they were teens. ALL my writing has been while raising kids, working full time, and being a pastor's wife. I’ve published hundreds of columns, articles, greeting card verses, stories, and now, my first book. So, you can do this, too..."
This is the introduction to the Time Management for Part-time Writers class I taught in March at the Inland Northwest Christian Writers Conference, and I just received the comments from some of the attendees...
         "She is funny, engaging and involved the class, which relaxed us."
                          "Very enthusiastic. Fun presentation - great ideas and usable solutions. Wonderful presenter."
                          "Fun and engaging. I can't wait to read through the handout. When I talked with her after the session, she was personable and encouraging."
                          "Very usable information. Lots of take home resources."
                           "A beautiful person who spontaneously gave me assistance.”

Even if you aren't a writer, you will benefit from these proven strategies to maximize the use of your time, and have more hours left for yourself and your family.
           Now you can have the notes to my class, or a cd to listen to while you're scrambling eggs and schedules, or both! I am offering the 18-page syllabus which includes:
  • How to use your personality type to manage your time
  • 80 time-saving secrets that will enable you to accomplish more in each day
  • Staying Sane while Raising Caine and Jane article for mothers with kids at home
  • Encouraging Scripture references re: Time Management
  • Recommended Reading for Time Management
All For only $6, postage paid!
If you'd rather listen than read, I will send you the cd for only $5, postage paid!

Are you ready to take charge of your out-of-control schedule?

Please email me at jeanettelevellieatgmaildotcom to order, and begin managing your time instead of letting it manage you.


  1. I seem to manage my time well enough! Do you have instructions for too tired to care if I have time left? Love to read what you write.


  2. Dengle: If you are too tired to care, you probably won't want to read the syllabus. But the cd is entertaining and helpful--you can listen while you loll about not caring...

  3. I'm kinda a twisted Type~A, spastic workaholic, neat freak all rolled up in one and all tied up in a pretty bow! Heeehehehe!!!

    Farm Boy (totally the opposite) laughs that I set timers while doin' a couple (six) things at once.

    This sounds like a great read just because of your so stinkin' funny!!!

    God bless ya Hon and have a magnificent week!!! :o)

  4. Nezzy: I set the timer, too--otherwise I'll end up on blogs and FB all evening, and not get a lick of writing done!

  5. Hello Jeannette, visiting from Nazzy. Congratulations on your new book and very nice to meet you.


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