Friday, June 1, 2012

Why Small Talk is a Big Deal

As I walked to make a delivery for the office supply store I manage, I met an acquaintance returning from lunch. Did I ask her what self-help book she was reading, how her marriage was progressing, or what new class she’d enrolled in to stretch her brain? No.  I wondered how she managed with such a small purse.

And. I learned about clutter, neck aches, and self-discipline. Better yet, I showed this lady that I cared about her choices, which added a dimension to our relationship.
I used to despise small talk. “Why would anyone want to stand in the parking lot of Junk Mart and blather for forty-five minutes about Jr’s basketball game, or the new cheesecake recipe Aunt Launa Lee brought to the family reunion? How shallow.”
As I matured, the Lord woke me from my dream world, where everyone talks about spiritual truths, scientific achievements, and the Nobel Peace Prize winner.  He revealed to me that solid, lasting relationships are built one drop at a time.
Sometimes it’s okay to not talk about major issues, if talking about minor subjects makes a person feel comfortable and appreciated. Then, as we get to know each other better, we open up to weightier matters.  
It’s not shallow. It’s just wading into the deeper waters a bit at a time, so we don’t suffer a cerebral overload the first ten minutes we meet someone.

So… what kind of purse do you carry? If you're a man, do you carry your wallet in your front or back pocket?


  1. I carry a small backpack purse. It leaves my hands free to carry other things and my shoulders do not hurt!

  2. But Martha, how do you fit pens, tissues, two sets of keys, and gum for the grandkids in one of those Barbie-sized purses?

  3. I never thought about a purse being a good conversation starter :) I have a bigger purse I carry when I think my might need all my "necessities" and one I use if I just want my drivers license.

    BTW, I love the visuals you use with your blog!

  4. Oh, Barb, how clever you are! Thanks for the tip.

  5. This is good ... small talk with a purpose.

    And I carry a cute yellow bag that my daughter gave me for Christmas. Not a ton in it though.

  6. I'm not a big fan of small chit-chat, but sometimes it does lead to better things. My purse is jammed w/ too much, but I need it all!

  7. I'm not a big fan of small chit-chat, but sometimes it does lead to better things. My purse is jammed w/ too much, but I need it all!

  8. I learned a long time ago that I'm good with chit-chat... and can do so with just about anyone.

    I think of it as 'warm chatter'.... those 30 second interludes that allow me to connect to someone else... my heart 'cockles' are usually happy after such an encounter.

    I love small purses... had a really tiny one once made from a scrap of chair upholstery. It could only hold a small wallet and my lipstick. It made my shoulders very happy!

  9. PS... My shoulders often ask me when I'm returning to a smaller purse... so I did this Spring.

  10. Right now, I carry a Vera purse. I need the room for my date book, my wallet(w/check book), my digital camera, and other necessities. I like this purse because it has pockets on the inside for things that would go to the bottom if the pockets weren't there.

    I tried a smaller purse but I felt I needed all I carry.

  11. You mean my everyday luggage?

    As you know, I carry a BIG bag. It could be called a tote bag. How else could I cart my two pairs of glasses, cell phone, keys of every description, wallet, and a dozen other necessities? Oh, and let's not forget the latest Kindle.

    Susan :)

  12. No telling how many people have been led to the Lord sometime after beginning the opening conversation with some kind of small talk, like "Where are you from?" Good post with lots of good wisdom!

    Thanks for your recent visit to Family Fountain.


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