Friday, June 8, 2012

I Did Another Dumb Thing

As people ask me about my plans for a second book (Two Scoops is my first), I keep thinking my best choice would be, Dumb Things I Have Done, and How I Made a Million Dollars from Them. What do you think? I especially like the million dollar part.

Here's my latest: I was telling a friend about the preacher's wife my mom named me after, and that I'd promised myself as a teenager that I'd never marry a preacher (I wanted to be rich). Then I told my friend in a secret-like voice, as if to impress her, "and the lady my mom named me after was also a Jeanette."

An odd look passed over my friend's face for a split second, then she said, "Well, yes, I bet she was!"  She probably went home that night and told her husband, "I don't know about Jeanette..."


  1. Thanks for the chuckle today, Jeanette! I love how you're willing to tell on yourself. It helps the rest of us not feel so bad about our dumb things.


  2. Let's face it, most of us could write a book like that. However, I know I for one would not be brave enough to write a book. (-:

  3. Teeheee, we've all done it! :-) Now if you really won a million dollars, that would be pretty cool.

  4. Ha!

    Very funny, Jeanette. I like the "million dollars" title.

  5. That story brought out a belly-laugh from me. Maybe you should include this little tale in your next book.

  6. My story..."Where did you get that name?" the lady asked. "From my mother" I replied.
    "Oh, her name was Clella?" she said. "No her name was Betty." and I won't continue...Maybe we could collaborate on the next book we write. :-) Loved this story.


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