Saturday, August 25, 2012

How Much Alone Time do You Need?

A sob caught in my throat when I answered his question. Relief flooded through me with the realization that he understood. I no longer had to be afraid of hurting his feelings by saying, "I need to be alone."

We were planning a trip for my husband--and possibly me--to visit his family across the country. Which would've been dandy if that's all we had on our plate this year. But since I:
published a book and am working hard to market it;
          spoke 15 times this year and have three more gigs to do;
          did three book signings and have another coming up;
          am trying to care for my elderly mother from IL to CA;
          gave two radio interviews and have two more to do;
          work full-time managing an office supply store;
          am a preacher's wife, teach Sunday School,
          and lead Children's Church;
          need to visit my grandkids who live 10 hours away at least twice a year...

...a plane trip across the country did not sound relaxing to me. Five days home alone with the cats and my computer did. But I hated to say to my honey, "Can you go alone so I can  be alone?"

He solved it for me when he asked, "Would it help you to just have some time by yourself, Jeanette?"

That's when I cried. I knew I was stressed and overworked, but didn't realize how much until I was offered the opportunity to get alone for a few days and simply be. Even as I typed those words, I sighed the happiest of sighs to think of the quiet in my house those five days.

I am a people person, and love working with, speaking to, and teaching people. But once in awhile I need to get off the merry-go-round and be alone. Otherwise, the spring of living water in my soul dries up, and I am less than gracious and not very funny. And that's not good. Grace and humor are good. I've found in order to produce them best, I need alone time.

What about you? How often do you find yourself craving quiet and aloneness? What is your favorite way to refresh your sagging soul?


  1. Oh, Jen, that's fabulous! Your husband is so understanding.

    While I crave social times, I MUST have a certain amount of solitude. Without distractions, I'm much more productive.

  2. Jen: This is so sweet. We all need time alone. But I am almost the opposite.I am alone most of the time. I have learned to apprreciate it. I crave seeing or talking to people.

  3. I break down too, when I've not had enough time alone. I help my elderly parents, and most of my time, I'm a caretaker for the people in my life. Time alone to write, or watch a movie...just veg, is something I really need, or I get crabby!

  4. Your husband is very nice, and understanding.

  5. I like to go for a walk in the woods and admire the beauty of God's creation and the sounds of the birds and silence. :) Enjoy your alone time!

  6. oh, your hubby is sweet! Glad you had that time to rest and recharge.

  7. Jesus, too, needed to be alone at times to pray, didn't he? I am an "out-going" introvert who loves chatting it up with people but do get 'crabby' if I do not have alone time to recharge everyday.


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