Monday, March 11, 2013

The Magical World of Pinterest

These colors draw my eye into their warmth
When I told my Facebook friends, “I joined Pinterest. Any tips?” most of them said things like, “set the timer,” and “kiss your time management plan goodbye.” One person even said, “Stay away!”
I realize now why my friends are right about Pinterest being a time-sucker. All those lovely images draw your eyes in, and you can’t help thinking, “Just one more page,” or “Just one more pin.” It’s a magical world.

But I did find a secret way to enter the magical world of Pinterest and not give up my real life of working, writing, eating, sleeping, and wifing (Microsoft Word tells me that “wifing” is not a word, but I’m making it one. It is the act of spending time with your husband, so he won’t think you fell off the planet).
What is my secret?

A rule I created for myself: every board I create must have a purpose for helping others.

I don’t just pin photos up on my Amusing Animals board because I find them cute—I pin ones that I hope will make you laugh, thus adding enjoyment to your day. All the quotes I pin on my To Make Your Day board are ones I hope will give you a heart lift. And so on.

Me, at age 1 1/2, after winning a baby contest
I only have five boards, with two dozen or less pins on each one. So I’m by no means the Pinterest Princess. And perhaps you should come back in a few months to see if I keep my rule, or I’ve gone crazy pinning recipes (I rarely cook), home decorating ideas (I make Ethan Allen groan in his grave), and marriage advice (I’m the one who needs it).

But if you’re looking for some pure fun and a feast for your eyes and soul, I highly recommend the magical world of Pinterest. Just take my friend’s advice and . . . set the timer.

Are you on Pinterest?
What is your favorite social networking site?
Do you limit your time online?
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  1. Pinterest holds no appeal for me so I didn't even join. But that is a verrry cool pic. :-) Thanks for the time management tips. Have fun!

  2. I AM on Pinterest. And like you, I have my personal purpose for being there. In fact, a while ago, I wrote down my "purposes" for being on facebook, Pinterest, and blogging. It helps. (Sort of.) I tried to keep the purposes very specific, and the 3 don't overlap as far as to WHY I am "there".

  3. I have a Pinterest account but rarely go there. I find Pinterest things that friends post on Face Book interesting, though.

  4. I'm not, Jeanette. I've seen some terribly pretty/interesting things that others have posted, but I've not chosen to venture there just yet.

    Let me get these guys raised first...LOL.

  5. I've been on Pinterest for a while, but I've just started working on making it more professionally-aimed for me. Yes, I find it funny that I pin a lot of recipes, and I too hate to cook!

  6. I haven't joined. I'm actually trying to cut back on my online "playtime" - it got out of hand and cut into my writing time. I've been getting more writing done since I started the cut back at the beginning of this month. I hear there are a lot of great recipes on Pinterest.

  7. It sounds like lots of fun, but I don't have time to do that. Maybe some day I'll try it. I do love to look at pretty things.

  8. I haven't joined yet, but I think I've been told I'm "supposed" to. Thanks for the tips and the warning about time management.

  9. Hi Jen -

    Yes, I'm on Pinterest. My contract requires I belong to it, as well as other social media.

    It can eat up a lot of time. (I confess I have over 50 boards.) I've found useful gardening information, DIY projects, and nostalgia. It's one of the sites I jump on when I need a break.

    At this point, I'm coming into balance. The learning curve is over, and I need to focus on mastering Goodreads.

    Susan :)


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