Monday, March 18, 2013

What Do You Like in Your Favorite Blogs?

Do you enjoy someone asking for your advice? I hope so, because I’d like to ask what you think constitutes a great blog.  
  1. What do you like in your favorite blogs, compelling you to return time after time? 
  2. What sets an engaging blog apart from ordinary blogs, making it shine? 
  3. What do you look for in blogs you follow? 
Thanks for your input!



  1. Laughter, inspiration, and connection with a 'friend' draw me to blogs.

  2. Humor, feeling that I'm cared about, encouragement and feeling the like blogger is a good friend even though we may have never met.

    BTW, Jeanette, this is the way I feel about your blog.

  3. I have eclectic tastes, but I love humor, personal stories, and somehow a connection to the author.

  4. I agree with all that's been said so far. I also love learning about new books and reading what people have to say about them.

    1. Yes, it helps take the risk factor out of buying a new book when someone we trust reviews it, Linda.

  5. Inspiration. Humor. Encouragement. I always love to come away learning something new.

  6. I love to give advice, though people seldom ask for it.

    I love blogs with pretty pictures, things about families, humor, heavenly thoughts, or just a new idea. Right now, I'm not interested in long how-tos.

  7. Exactly the way your blog is right now. That is what catches my eye. I like the way you maintain your blog.

  8. I visit a few blogs for how-to tips etc., but the author blogs that I visit regularly are because I feel that they/you have become friends and I like to hear what's going on in your lives.

  9. What good questions! I think I might differ from a lot of people in what I like in a blog.
    I do enjoy good writing, since I am a writer.
    I like to read blogs about depression since I blog about depression but I only like the ones that do not rant on about the negative stuff but offer ideas for handling depression. These are hard to find.
    I enjoy personal stories but only if there is a point to the story. I don't have the mental energy to read all sorts of stuff so I am quite selective.
    I am so glad you asked this question.It has got me thinking....
    Oh and I enjoy blogs that encourage and inspire, like yours.

  10. I like blogs that are personal, warm, and have good ideas.


  11. I like blogs that reflect a friendly and genuine person (like you!). It's nice to have something to think about when you leave - take away value. It's also nice to know that the blogger really cares about their readers.

  12. Thanks, Wendy, Glenda, and Karen. I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

  13. Karen mentioned a take-away, and I concur. Whether it's a book review, a link, or a post on the writing life, I like to learn something new.

    I also enjoy getting to know the blogger. :)


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