Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kissin' Don't Last, (Amish) Cookin' Do

When we moved to Central Illinois fourteen years ago, we knew nothing about the many Amish folk who farm and run businesses nearby. Since living less than an hour from the Amish communities of Arthur and Arcola, we’ve experienced seeing their horse-drawn buggies go by, using their finely crafted cabinets, and eating their unequalled cooking!

At Dutch Kitchen Restaurant in Arcola, several Amish sayings decorate the placemats. I thought you’d find them amusing.

v  I came to town today and bought myself poor

v  Grandma Yoder’s shoo-fly pie sure eats good.

v  Please eat your mouth empty before you say.

v  Kissin’ wears out; cookin’ don’t.

v  It’s out the main street a little piece.

v  Don’t eat so quick—you make chust like a little wuutz (pig).

v  Smear me all over with jam a piece of bread.

v  Don’t eat yourself full—there’s more back yet.


Did you notice that out of eight sayings, six center on eating or food?

Have you read any Amish novels or books about the Amish?

Which saying did you like best?



  1. I love these sayings, and heard similar ones growing up. My grandparents were not Amish but lived near Lancaster County, PA, and many of their words and phrases reflected an Amish influence. I remember them and my Mom telling my sisters and I not to be a wuutz if we ate too much. If our hair was tangled it was stroobly (not sure on the spelling of that), and Grandpa might tell us to "Outen the light," or turn it off.

    Fun post, Jen! Welcome home! :)

  2. I like that last quote best. But got a chuckle out of other ones as well.

  3. My husband works in a RV factory in Nappanee, IN and a lot of Amish men work there. One thing he used to hear was "out the light put." Most of them have gotten pretty good speaking English.

  4. My favorite Amish phrase comes from Beverly Lewis's writings.
    Two Amish sisters are having a discussion. The second girl says,"You think." She uses the reply a lot. It has crept into my vocabulary. I mean it as "Oh yeah?"

    We have an area that has a Dunkard community nearby. I worked in the library there for a few years. They were wonderful people, always cheerful and smiling.

  5. Amish buggies roll past the front of our house everyday everyday! I enjoy the scenes that surround me everyday and marvel how two cultures so different from each other exist side-by-side daily...


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