Sunday, October 20, 2013

#officesupplies #addictedtopens

If you read my Office Supplies quiz, you saw the variety of answers from all of us pen, sticky note, and journal addicts. And now, the #1 product people who shop at my store tell me they're addicted to

. . . pens!

Yep. People are very picky about the style of their pens, the color of ink, and the size of the point.

Did you guess right?


  1. I am not alone in my pen addiction!

  2. No you aren't, Shelly! I'm right there with you!

  3. Nope, but I have a funny story about that. I definitely have my favorite pen brand, because I go through them like crazy. But I'm not opposed to accepting freebies, like when my daughter gave me a box of a different brand that her husband hated and wanted out of the house, because they drove him crazy. I have to agree that they weren't that good, so I left them by the communal computer for jotting notes etc. It was quite hilarious when my son-in-law found himself picking up his most loathed pen that he'd thought he'd finally gotten rid of! LOL

  4. I'm sending this post to my husband right now, as he has told me in the past that I am "particular" about my pens. I'm not alone! :-D


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