Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Whatcha Gonna Do?

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So, what are you going to do about it?” Uncle Dwayne’s question jerked me out of my puddle of imagined helplessness. Although I was only fourteen, he was teaching me a lesson I could take with me the rest of my life. He was showing me that I have choices.
No matter how bleak our picture seems, no matter what abuses we’ve suffered in the past, God always presents us with options.
Even if you’re reading these words from a prison cell, you can decide what kinds of thoughts you’ll keep and which you’ll discard. You get to choose what words will exit your mouth and which ones you’ll never allow the power to help or destroy.  You say what books you read, what TV shows and movies you watch, and which friends’ advice you follow. 
Our destiny is more up to us than we may realize.
The devil wants us to believe that we can’t help the shape of our circumstances, that we must tolerate whatever mess we find ourselves in today. That is a lie.
God wants us to tap into the power of His Spirit within us, and make choices that will propel us forward in our relationships, our health, our careers, and our ministries.  Will we accept His challenge?
Like Uncle Dwayne, He asks us, “What are you going to do about it?”


  1. Amen! So very true and well said!

    1. Thanks, Shelly. And I loved your story about your uncle saving Marlon Brando's life-amazing!

  2. We make choices each day. When I hear the alarm goes off. I get to make a choice to get up or go back to sleep. Some days the alarm wins; other days the pillow wins.

  3. Spot on, Jen! One story that inspires me is Gifted Hands, by Dr. Ben Carson. He faced incredible obstacles but overcame them. He's now a famous surgeon.

    1. Oh, I love that story, too, Susan. Have you seen the movie?

  4. Thank you for sharing this, Jen. Challenges of late have me thinking on this quite a bit, so I appreciate the encouragement!

    Love and blessings,

  5. Yes, we must put on God's armor and remember His promises. We are beloved daughters of God, made in His image, to do His good works. If we 'hear' anything less than that, it is not coming from God, and is a LIE. May we live in His truth, choice by choice.

  6. Hi Jeanette! Well, I feel like grabbing my armor and running out the door! What an uplifting and challenging and encouraging post! I do believe, as you so wonderfully stated, that God wants to use us. Who else does he have?

    Why listen to all the silliness of evil? We are beautifully and wonderfully made. So let's make something of it :)
    Great post!

  7. When I taught school, I would tell my students that they always have a choice. They would say there are some situations where a person doesn't have a choice. I would say, "There may not be a choice you like, but you always have a choice." Thank you for posting this, Jeanette.


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