Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Surefire Winter Weather Predictor

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When we moved from L.A. to Paris, Illinois nearly fourteen years ago, someone asked me what I thought of the winters here.   Wrapping the third scarf around my neck and adjusting my earmuffs, I said, “I try not to think about them too much.”
Not that spinning off the icy highway into a ditch isn’t my idea of a fun February game.  Or that I don’t enjoy drinking seventeen cups of tea a day from November to March—I always did enjoy that burst of energy a strong cup of tea gives.  I even discovered a brand of long underwear that are made from silk, so you don’t have to buy clothes two sizes larger than usual. That’s always gratifying.
Did you know there is a surefire way to predict winter weather? According to early American folklore, you can forecast the harshness of an upcoming winter by examining the brown band around a wooly worm’s middle. The thinner the brownish red band, the harsher winter will be.  
But I have my own methods.  As we go on a walk up the country lane near our home at Nevins and I spot a wooly worm scooting across the pavement, I’ll note its coloration. If it’s dark brown or black, representing the bare earth, I predict a mild winter with no snow. If it’s orange—a happy, warm color—I maintain the upcoming winter will be warmer than usual. And if the wooly worm is white or tan, I report that winter will be fast and fun, with snowfall only on Christmas Eve. 
copyright Ron Levellie, 2013

Scientific? Hardly. Accurate? Rarely. But my overly biased wooly worm reports make us laugh every time. And giggles help us get through the long, freezing months better than gripes.  I imagine even the wooly worms laugh—at me.
My wooly worm report is not as exciting or significant as the report Jesus told the Apostle John to share: “I am coming soon (Revelation 22:20).”
Some don’t believe Jesus’ report.  I hope and pray they change their minds, because God is not going to change His. When He’s ready for His Son to come back and retrieve His children, He’s not going to holler, “Ready or not, here I come!”
Others may believe, but think they have plenty of time to repent of their sin and turn their lives over to God before Jesus returns.  I’m a little worried for them, too, because God’s watch doesn’t operate on the same time zone ours does.  He can call a universal time out any moment He chooses.  And those who refuse to believe in Jesus Christ will be sitting in more than a chair in the corner. 
If you are reading this, it means Jesus hasn’t returned yet, and there is still a minute or two to look up and say “yes” to His gift of eternal life. Please don’t delay.  Please make Jesus your Lord today.
Because I’ve really grown fond of you, I want you with me in Heaven, where every day is bright, and every wooly worm gives a sunny report!
Have you asked Jesus to be the Lord of your life? If not, please email me at jeanettelevellie(at)gmail.com. I'd love to show you how you can become one of God's kids.




  1. I love this post- thank you for sharing the real good news-

  2. Really? Wooly worms...are they plenteous around your neck of the woods? LOL ! And I think silk long johns are a marvelous invention. God's plan of salvation is the best and sure to keep us safe in the palm of His hand no matter what the weather.

    1. Oh, yes, Rose, I saw about half a dozen just today on the six mile drive to town! You are right, we need to trust the Lord every day.

  3. The good news wrapped in a blanket of things that make you smile. Good post, Jen! :)

  4. Hi Jeanette! So I have to ask...what color was the wooly worm??

    I love the comment about the 17 cups of tea. No kidding! That is my 'go-to' beverage for sure.

    So true that God respects our choices, and waits patiently for us to chose him. May I continue to choose him every day!

    Happy Wednesday!


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