Thursday, October 10, 2013

Win a $15 Gift Card for Your Book Title Idea!

Contract 1Edited.jpg
Ah, that signing a contract smile!
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I'm a desperate pastor's wife. I need your help, and am willing to pay for it.

This week I signed my second book contract, for a booklet called Time Management for Part-time Writers.

I'm very excited about getting these tips and strategies into the hands of overly-busy writers who need help and encouragement, but. . .
Contract 2Edited.jpg
Please help me title my new baby!
The working title is boring. Can you help me come up with a snappier one? I like:

  • plays on words,
  • clever twists, and
  • words with a k in them.
And if you don't come to my rescue, I may lie awake for the next six months, ruminating and agonizing.

Please leave your ideas in the comment section below, and I'll choose my favorite one and send you a $15 gift card of your choice (within reason)!

I'll leave this post up for ten days, which is Sunday, October 20th at 4:00 p.m. I will post the winner on Tuesday, October 22. Thanks in advance for all your great ideas!

P.S. Please leave me your email addy, so if you win, I can contact you!


  1. Practical Tips for Part-time Writers. (Sorry no puns or k's.)


  2. Write to the Point - sharpening the skills of part time quills

  3. These are great, everyone! Thanks so much!

  4. From a friend, Dave Fessenden, who was not able to comment:
    Writing against the Clock (use a clock with pens as hands for cover art);
    Writing on Time;
    Writing in Time;
    and Writing over Time

  5. Tick Tock: Make the Clock Work for Your Writing

    I managed to get a few "K" words in there.

  6. I would call it

    Ten Minute Flood Relief: Timewise Ways to Get Ideas Out of Your Mind and Into Print

  7. Saw your post on FB (didn't have any brilliant ideas yet anyway). If I happen to think of something that might be even more fabulous, I'll let you know! Congrats on the contract! :-)

  8. Thanks, Quiet and Catherine. I appreciate your ideas!

  9. I've got another one. "Writing Between the Times, and Around the Cat." You could have a laptop with a cat sitting on the keys and the author trying to type around the cat.


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