Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gone to Prison

#prisonvisit #Jesusblood #freefromsin

I am gone today, visiting a friend in prison. This is my third time to visit him, and each time I come away with a heart a little more broken, yet a lot more thankful.

As I look around the room at all the inmates visting and playing board games with their families, I realize how similar to them I really am.

The only difference is that my crimes of gossip, gluttony, and griping are not against the law. So I am free to have the life I enjoy. But only because of Jesus.

The first time I told a lie, coveted someone's house, job, or clothing, or disrespected my parents, I was doomed to a spiritual bondage worse than being locked away in prison. I died inside. I was separated from God.

It took the blood of Jesus to free me from my "little" sins the same as it freed these men from murder, theft, or drug dealing. For once a man or woman turns to God, acknowledges their need for cleansing, and repents of their sin, God calls them "child." No longer a criminal, but a prince or princess of Almighty God.

If I'm ever tempted to feel a bit smug that I never broke the law, I remember that Jesus had to die for me the same horrible death he died for the worst criminal. It humbles me, and drives me to pray for all the men and women who need to know His love.

In our hearts, we're all the same. Needy.


  1. Amen to that!!! Nevertheless, I think you're pretty wonderful. :-)

  2. Beautiful, Jeanette. I believe God is using this situation to work something in you, and you are being so receptive to it.

  3. Hi Jeanette! Wow. What an experience this is...I have never visited anyone in prison before. The sight must be a stark one. But still God teaches you in your generosity to a friend. We are all prisoners of being human, so we are always messing it up.

    Thanks be to God that he does not throw us in prison for the crazy things we say and do. He is so merciful. And you are merciful too, staying close to your friend. You are a real witness to his grace, and you lift the spirits of someone who really needs that.

    Thank you for your powerful post today.

  4. Jeanette: God IS doing something in your life. I have a friend who travels every other week to take her sister to see the sister's son. They are a close-knit family. It has to be hard for them. Last week, my friend shared something with me that was a positive thing that may have come out of this.

  5. Amen, Jen. I like your comparison of "little" sins and "big" sins, being separated from God and being thrown in prison. Powerful.

    Be well.


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