Tuesday, March 11, 2014

12 Ways to Love and Care for Extroverts

I love extroverts!
Either you are an extrovert, married to one, or have one as a best friend. I love extroverts. Their joy splashes on me, and helps me remain optimistic. I appreciate and enjoy them. Last week we talked about loving introverts.
Today we're going to tackle 12 Ways to Love and Care for the extroverts in your life:

1.      RESPECT their need for INDEPENDENCE.

2.      COMPLIMENT them in PUBLIC.

3.      ACCEPT and ENCOURAGE their ZEST for life.

4.      Allow them to EXPLORE and DIALOG.

5.      SURPRISE them in non-embarrassing ways.

6.      Give them SPACE when they are busy.

7.      Let them hit the ground RUNNING.

8.      Give them CHOICES.

9.      LAUGH AT their jokes. Don’t try to hush them up.

10.  Show them AFFECTION, both physically and verbally.

11.  Rejoice with them when they SHINE.

12.  PRAISE every attempt at listening and calmness.
If you are an extrovert, I can hear your loud "amen!" If not, did you learn anything new that may help you love and care for the extroverts in your life?


  1. These are great tips- I have a few extreme extroverts in my life, and I love them for it!

    1. Thanks, Shelly. I think ALL extroverts are extreme! HAH! Can you tell I am one?

  2. #6-that is something new for me. Will take it to heart when communicating with my extrovert daughter, who is ALWAYS busy. Not really but seems like it.

    1. Thanks, Cathy. Believe it or not, we need space to think when we are busy, since it's challenging for us to focus. Our brains are like a cage-ful of bees!

  3. What a great list! I think you have us all figured out.

  4. This is so great to read. This, and the introvert one earlier. My mom is an introvert, my Dad is an extrovert. As the age, it's been very helpful to understand how they are wired. it's funny, when I was younger, I think I was an extrovert. The older I get, the more introverted I become.


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