Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Can You Manage People Who are Crisis Magnets?

Image result for worried man cartoonMy husband met me at the door, his eyebrows in upside-down V formation, huge chunks of hair in both hands. Two signs of major worry. “Is everything okay, hon? You just went to mail one dinky package.”

            I threw my purse and self onto the couch, sighing louder than usual. “I had a Maggie moment,” I huffed.  He shook his head and grinned.  A look of relaxed understanding took the place of the V-formation. 

 Maggie, bless her darling heart and ditzy head, is a crisis magnet. She’s the one person in our family we can rely on to add drama to our lives. Every errand turns into a screenplay for a feature film. Take a simple trip to the market for a bag of noodles.

  “I think it was that checker’s first day on the job,” Maggie moans, dumping her sack of groceries on the kitchen counter. “He didn't know where the noodles were, and had to call the manager. He showed me the right aisle, but they were out of whole-wheat noodles. So I decided to run up to the Pine Street Market. That took forever¸ since I got behind a funeral, and then I discovered Pine Street Market had gone out of business. I had to go back to the first market and buy flour and eggs to make our own noodles.  It’ll only take three hours. You don’t mind having dinner a little late tonight, do you?”

We've tried to analyze why Maggie thrives on trouble. We can go to the post office, market, or bank and run into glitches that annoy us to Mars and back. Yet, we only manage to get a tenth of the emotional surge from our episodes as Maggie receives.  We still haven’t figured out why her predicaments are superior to ours.
Image result for making mountains from molehills cartoonsBut, hey, maybe you can you help us. I see by your knowing smile that you have a Maggie in your family, too.
Can you relate to a relative or friend who complicates even the smallest task? How do you handle the Maggies in your life? 

The above story is a chapter from my newest book, The Heart of Humor: Sixty Helpings of Hilarity to Nourish Your Soul.  


  1. Sure, we all have Maggies in the family :) Most of the time I try to KEEP a positive attitude and hush most arguments or drama comments... kind of level it out. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't :)

  2. Yes, weall have Maggies in our lives. One thing I learned about those in my life is they have a special mindset. They can't realize that the other people have cares and concerns as well as they do. A lot of the tension they have, the bring on themselves because of this mindset.

  3. The Maggie in our family seems to need attention, whether it is negative or positive. There are some background childhood issues that have never been dealt with, and I think this is part of the whole package. Makes life interesting! And gives us opportunities to pray, and overcome. Well, mostly. :)

  4. Yes, and on occasion, I've been the Maggie. Hopefully, it's not a habitual thing. I have to watch it when I'm tired or have a migraine.

  5. I have a friend who sees something wrong in just about everything! I can only extend her grace as it must be a very stressful way to live!

  6. Just as I feel muddled between my Martha and Mary identities - so too can I be a MAGGIE. I HEAR myself BEING a MAGGIE. I work at DISTANCING myself from being a MAGGIE. Oh MAGGIES everywhere - I understand... even if you don't. Jeanette, MAGGIES need you....! I loved your post, honestly I could so place myself in BOTH situations. Thank you for this great moment in my day.


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