Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Answers to Three Questions the World is Craving to Know

When is laughing at yourself the best medicine? 

Why Do I love my hips?

How has growing up in an alcoholic home helped me?

Watch the answers to these and many more questions the world is craving to know in my interview on Full Circle TV Show

Then please tell me what you think...


  1. Hi Jeanette! I loved watching you, and hearing your voice! It's kind of one dimensional on these blogs, I can imagine how you would present yourself, but this is so cool to actually see you.
    Thank you for sharing so honestly about your past, family, and how you came to humor. I feel like I know you better now :)

  2. Will check it out when I get home. Can't wait to see you live! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Jeanette. It was great hearing what your voice sounds like and seeing your charming personality. I appreciate your honesty about your past and how humor has helped you through different situations.

  4. It was a treat to hear you again. Blessings to you in all your efforts.

  5. Just watched it Jeanette--you were fabulous. You are so comfortable in front of the camera. It is like you are just having a nice chat with friends. A talent indeed. It was also nice to learn more about your journey (overcoming your father and step-father's problems). I always want to hear the story behind the story. God Bless.

  6. Have to agree with Ceil all the way! Thanks Jeanette.

  7. Have to agree with Ceil all the way! Thanks Jeanette.


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