Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Five Ways Memorizing Scripture Enriches Your Life

When I began memorizing single verses of Scripture as a child in Sunday school, I had no idea how I was enriching my life. Decades later, after graduating to learning chunks and chapters of the Word of God, I see the benefits of this fun exercise. Here are the five I've discovered:

1.      Because our brains are like a muscle, the more we exercise them the stronger they become. Memorizing Scripture increases our ability to retain other facts and tasks we learn. It improves our memory!

2.      In Joshua 1:8, God promised to “make our ways successful” if we meditated on His word.  The translation of the word “meditate” is “to mutter,” or “to chew, as a cow chews its cud.” When we memorize—or chew on—verses or sections of the Bible, our lives become more successful!

3.      If we “hide God’s word in our hearts,” according to Psalm 119: 11, it keeps us from sinning. That’s reason enough for me to work at memorizing the parts about taming the tongue and keeping my flesh under control!

4.      Knowing the Bible gives us boldness to witness to those who don’t yet believe.  We’re more likely to have answers for pre-believers with questions if we have a few verses about Jesus and salvation tucked away in our minds.

5.      The Word of God comforts, encourages, and strengthens us when we go through trials. If I’m broken-hearted or in anguish of soul, Scripture is my #1 source of help. As I pray, verses I've memorized come up from my heart and out my mouth to God’s heart. I find my faith growing and my fears leaving. The Holy Spirit shows up to embrace me and tell me, “God’s got your back. Everything is going to be okay.”

There are many fun tricks to memorizing Scripture. Next week I’ll share a few that have helped me. I hope you'll join me then! 

Have you memorized Scripture verses or passages? 

Which ones have enriched your life the most?


  1. a wonderful reminder, Jeanette! Thank you.

  2. There are a few verses I have "memorized," but I often get a word a two wrong when reciting. I am learning to be gentle with myself, and know that I may not get the words perfect, however I am still in His word.

  3. I am in His word daily, but sadly, I don't have a whole lot memorized. I readily recognize different scriptures when they are read, but I can't say I have them memorized. I look forward to reading your tricks for memorizing next week.

  4. Hi Jeanette! I don't memorize Scripture, but I know many bloggers who do. I have been a lector at my church for twenty years, so I have a good relationship with the Bible. I agree that it helps so much to calm myself in times of troubles, and praise in times of joy.
    I really find Scripture based songs to be helpful too. I'm more apt to break into song then quote a passage. It will be interesting to learn how you commit the passages to memory!

  5. Thanks for these wise words ( again!). I look forward to the next installment.

  6. I've also memorized many scriptures. It's funny, but I thought I forgot a number of them. Yet, when I need them, the Holy Spirit brings them to my remembrance. They're still in there!


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