Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How to Talk to Pets

The baby, Jolly, and his elder brother,
20-lb. Rocky
     If you have pets, you know how fun and enlightening a  conversation with them can be.
     My twenty-pound, orange and white cat, Rocky clambers onto  the  love seat while I’m reading. His nose nudges my hand.  “Meowrrr?” he says.
     “What’s that, Rocky?”
     “Meowrrr?” he says again. He probably thinks I should have listened the first time, and then he wouldn’t need to repeat himself.
I force my gaze from the book to scratch his head. His amber eyes glisten with joy. I once read in a mini-paperback while waiting at the checkout counter that cats hear high tones better than low ones.
I want to make sure Rocky knows I care, so I raise my voice three notches.  “What’s goin’ on today?” I squeak.
“Meow,” he says, closing his eyes. Is he disgusted at my Minnie Mouse talk, or in kitty heaven?
Just to make sure, I switch to baby talk. “Tell me all about it, Rocks. I know you understand these things.”  
He purrs, and arches his back. Good—it’s kitty heaven. “Meow,” he answers.
“That’s wonderful,” I chirp, “I’m so glad to hear it.” I return to my book, still petting him in an absent-minded fashion. “You are so wise. You amaze me every time we talk.” 
Dog owners tell me that words are unnecessary—their canine pets can read moods and communicate with their eyes and body language. The owner of a pot-bellied pig used in therapy claims the little porker can help patients overcome depression. The day of my brother’s funeral, my uncle’s talking macaw gave me a huge release from my grief by making me laugh.

I might one day consider owning these other types of pets. But I’d hate to lose that unique ability to communicate with my cats in their own language.

Do you have pets? How do you talk to them? 


  1. I never really understood people who talked to their pets until I gave in and let my husband and daughter buy a little puppy. We now have a Maltipoo (Maltese Poodle Mix) named Lambeau and he has supplied us with a lot of joy. He communicates in his own way and there is not a whole lot of talking. I like how he'll let me know if he is not done with me rubbing his back or tummy. He'll take his paw and pat on my hand to let me know to keep rubbing him. He also knows when he's been naughty. He'll go grab is bone and chew on it and try to act like that is what he's been doing instead of the naughty thing he did. I never ever thought I would allow an animal in the house, but this little guy has been fun.

  2. We had some bad luck with having animals. They do bring a lot of comfort to their owners. One of my friends sometimes calls herself "The cat lady" of our part of town.

  3. I baby talk my dear Coco, and make up songs, just for her.

  4. We have no pets, but my brother has a cat ans she always wants to sit with me when I come and visit and then I talk... yep, I tell her everything :)

  5. Hi Jeanette! I'd love to come to the conversation, but I don't have any pets. How about plants? I do talk to them sometimes, but in hushed tones so I don't sound completely crazy. I'm a closet plant-whisperer!


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