Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How do YOU spell relief?

In the Spring and Summer, I grow vegetables to relieve stress. 

Digging, pulling weeds, and tugging baby carrots and onions from the soil--even the smell of tomato plants--soothes and relaxes me. 

In the autumn, I bake. Kneading dough, mixing pumpkin bread and Christmas cookies, then inhaling the warm, spicy smells that dance across the kitchen make me feel safe and cozy.

As to winter, well. . . never mind. We won't talk about that today. 

How do YOU spell relief when you are stressed? 


  1. When I am stressed, I like to walk and get a good dose of fresh air. My favorite season to do this is fall. :) I also find reading (the Bible and other good books), praying, talking with good friends, and family time to be therapeutic. Your harvest of carrots looks wonderful! You have quite the green thumb!

  2. Hi Jeanette! Those images are just gorgeous! (including the shot of you pulling carrots!) I like to walk, I do it for exercise and I also love it to just clear my mind. That's a definite stress reliever. I think baking would be great too, but then I'd eat it, and that wouldn't be so great...
    Enjoy this wonderful Tuesday :)

  3. Star Trek...lots and lots of Star Trek.

    Does that count? :-)

  4. reading my bible, writing on my blog, journaling.


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