Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Understanding Those Who Love to Explain and Expound

If you have a close relationship with a teacher, a detail person, or someone who loves to explain and expound, you'll resonate with what I'm about to share:

I get offended when someone tells me something I've known since I was eight or I've heard a hundred times. Wait, that was a lie. I get offended when MY HUSBAND tells me something I've known since I was eight and I've heard a hundred times. Especially when 99 of those times, I've heard it from him.

  • Kangaroos are a type of marsupial--they have pouches to carry their babies in. 
  • Black is not a color but a combination of all the colors in the spectrum mixed together. 
  • Only domesticated cats meow--large cats like tigers and leopards don't. 
At my best, I sigh and roll my eyes. At my worst, I say something snarky like, "If you think I'm that stupid, why did you marry me?" (Sorry, God. I know that's disrespectful. But even Jesus got miffed at his disciples!)

Kevin and those in your life who have a teaching, explaining, or communication gift can't help themselves. They HAVE to tell someone what they know or they'll burst. It's in their DNA. 

I only wish the Lord would provide someone besides me as the listener. Some little seven-year-old who hasn't heard that there is more water on the globe than land...

I have a great idea! Tell me something I don't know! About yourself, an interesting place you've lived or visited, a Bible verse or book you recently read, anything. I'm craving new knowledge...


  1. I'm guilty of doing this, as is my husband. Sometimes we tease each other about being "Captain Obvious". :) Sometimes I do it without thinking, other times I catch myself. To paraphrase Anne in Anne of Green Gables, "If you knew what I didn't say..."

    Something you didn't know about me, well, I was the female lead in an 8th grade play. As you can see, I didn't pursue an acting career. It was a wise decision. LOL Have a lovely week!

  2. I shook hands with President Lyndon Johnson ... did you know that?


  3. I often wonder why people repeat themselves. They will tell me something they have already shared with me. Why waste my I time telling me again? And how could they have forgotten they told me already?! lol! I decided I needed something light to read so recently downloaded from my library a contemporary romance by Christian author Rachel Hauck. It's got me hooked and is sweet!


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