Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Award-winning writer Bob Hostettler's Best Time Management Strategies

My best technique or strategy is an old one, ancient even: Morning prayer. Praying before I start work organizes my day for me, sets (and sometimes utterly rearranges) my priorities, and saves me from the tendency I have to think and act as if I must accomplish everything alone.
"The other thing that came to mind immediately is this: I use reminders and alerts on my iPhone and computer, but they have not replaced an analog tool that has helped me make the most of my time and efforts: a "bring-up" file (sometimes called a "tickler file") comprised of 43 folders--twelve labeled with the names of the months and the rest numbered 1-31. Every morning I pull out that day's numbered folder, which will contain any paperwork remaining from the previous day (allowing me to start every day with a clean desk, by the way), hotel or airline reservations, birthday cards to send, bills to be paid, and so on. On the first of each month, then, the contents I've been filing away to remember during that month will be divided up into the 31 numbered folders, and the process begins again. It's easily the best mnemonic and time-management tool I've ever used. I rely on it.”
              Bob Hostetler, award-winning writer, editor, pastor and speaker. His twenty-six books, which include The Bone Box and American Idols, have sold millions of copies. He has co-authored eleven books with Josh McDowell, including the best-selling Right from Wrong and the award-winning Don’t Check Your Brains at The Door. He has won two Gold Medallion awards, three Ohio Associated Press awards, and one Amy Foundation award.

--This is an excerpt from my latest book Shock the Clock: Time Management for Writers and Other Creative, which is on sale for only 99 cents! The final chapter is entitled "Ask An Expert," and includes tips and secrets from successful authors, editors and agents. 

How do you save time in your busy life? 


  1. Hey Jeanette, thanks for quoting Bob on a delicate issue such as time management. I sometimes notice my mind is all over the place and I find it hard to concentrate... then I always go back to prayer and come to the conclusion that my morning devotional time was done in a hurry :)

  2. I had a 31 day file at a day job once for a different reason but it worked really well. I like this idea! I'm still a 'paper' gal in a lot of ways too.

  3. Appreciate you sharing Bob's insight, Jen! These are great tips. :)


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