Tuesday, November 1, 2016

One Way to Manage Our Responses to Difficult People

Difficult people: everyone has a few in their life. And we're usually challenged as to how to manage our responses to those difficult people. Especially if they're relatives we can't escape from.

Uncle Henry's constant criticism. Cousin Sally's rudeness. Mom or Dad's unasked-for advice.

When the Lord reminded me recently to pray for and bless a person who had earned the Horribly Hateful Award, I tearfully obeyed. It wasn’t fun, and I made some shocking discoveries about my own faults mirrored in others.

But it also helped me get over the owie in my heart this difficult person had inflicted. Wow. Praying for difficult people who hurt me changes me!

I’ll bet you know of a difficult someone who needs your prayers today.  Will you do it, just to spite the devil? And to help yourself become a little more whole? 


  1. Yes, pray for them. But be aware that the person God will change is YOU. I have had this happen many times over the years.

  2. Hi Jeanette! Welcome back! Did you have a good blog break?
    Oh my, of course there are people who just know how to push my buttons, and not the good ones either. Usually I pray to be more tolerant and patient. I should remember to pray for them too! Thank you for the reminder. Your line about 'shame the devil' awakened a memory from the past. 'Tell the truth, shame the devil' is what we used to say!
    Nice to see you again :)

  3. Oh my - I'm that difficult person to MOST of my former friends and former family. Only a couple PUT UP with me. My Dad was as angry as a hornet as I've been and I always thought he should act better ... well so much for THAT. Add in liver disease and now cured of and you have a much more relaxed person - me ... but convincing others of that is NOT in the cards nor apparently in His Will.
    God bless and keep praying.


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