Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Courage to Say, "I Like Myself."

It takes courage to say, "I like myself." Especially when we've sinned, hurt someone, or gone off our diet for the seventh time this week. And it's only Tuesday. 

  Can you relate to any of these:

  1.  I yell at my husband, even though I know it only makes things worse.
  2.  I don't pray as often as I think I should, or as long.
  3.  I get impatient with people even if they can't help their behaviors.
  4.  I let dishes sit in the sink and my bed stay unmade                                                                 5. I complain about everything from the music at church to politicians

Sometimes I think Will I ever grow up? When do I practice what I've been preaching to others for thirty years? I'm a mess.

At a writers conference, Cecil Murphey prayed a simple little prayer that I later jotted down and stuck on my fridge, "Loving God, show me the truth about myself, no matter how wonderful it may be." 


God sees the wonder of you and me, no matter how much junque is still there. That gives us the courage to continue to:
  • like ourselves in spite of our boatload of flaws,
  • bring our messiness to Him to fix,
  • love others, no matter how imperfectly.
God knew what we were like before He created us, sent Jesus to die for us, and called us to Himself. 

He is not overly concerned about our faults. He wants us to grow up, but it just doesn't ruin His day like we might think when we aren't mature yet.

Besides, if we were perfect, no one could stand to be around us. 

Will you ask Jesus to give you the courage to say with me, "I like myself"

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  1. Wow! This reads like it was written just for me. Thanks for posting and writing this and I pray I am brave enough and strong enough to learn to like myself. HUGS!


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