Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Favorite Christmas Gifts

Most of us have favorite Christmas gifts we remember from our childhood.

I was eight the year Easy Bake Ovens hit stores for the first time. My mom, a single parent, could not afford a gift of that size. When I spotted a huge gift under my aunt and uncle's Christmas tree with my name on it, my heart leaped with hope.

     Do you think I got my wish? Could this be why, fifty-some years later, I still love to bake? What is your favorite Christmas gift from you childhood?


  1. Replies
    1. My fav: the Six Million Dollar Man action figure. Apparently, I used to hold it up to my face to look through the magic eye, while sing-songing, "I'm the Six Million Dollar MaaaaaN!" Or so my older sister likes to tell everyone even now.

  2. When I was in the third grade, I saw this big huge box with my name on it. It was taller than I was at the time. When I got to open it, I found a blonde desk. I still have it. Over 60 years later. No, it doesn't look very nice but I haven't seen anything that will fit the space it's in.

  3. Did you get it?? Each year we were able to choose one big gift--one year it was my guitar, another a tape reorder. What I remember most--how awful is this--is the year I didn't get my wish--a microscope. I had drooled over it in the local hardware store where they replaced shelves of tools with toys during the holiday. I imagined looking close at all sorts of things and when I received a stuffed poodle instead, I was devastated. My parents called it my black Christmas and they reminded me of it for years. Now that I look back, I know my parents had very little money and I was one ungrateful child. Oh the lessons we learn. I finally got a macro lens this year for Christmas and I can look up close at everything!


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