Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Do you have any heroes?

Do you have any heroes? 

Next Monday, May 31 is Memorial Day, 
when we honor those who willingly fought—
sometimes to their death
to keep our freedom intact. They are our 
military heroes, the ones we build memorials to. 

If you are a veteran, I thank you. 

I do not have military heroes in my family tree. But I’d like to build a memorial to my second grade Sunday school teacher, a spiritual hero. This twenty-something college student willingly gave up dating/TV/goofing off time to study God’s word so she could teach it to a bunch of squirrely seven-year-olds in a Los Angeles church attic classroom. 

This young lady painted a picture of Jesus in my heart that caused me to fall in love with Him, and surrender my life to Him. I don’t remember her name; she may not still be on this earth. But she is my hero, who deserves the applause of Heaven for leading this little redhead into the Kingdom of God. 

What about YOU? Do you have a military or spiritual hero? Or maybe both. Please share. 

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