Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hurt Too Many Times by A BFF? Now What?

If you've ever been hurt too many times by a BFF, please read my article entitled BFF or Not? featured in Now What? magazine, about how God healed my broken heart and helped me trust again. I believe it will renew your hope. 

P.S. I will be on a one-month blogging break to prepare for and speak at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference in Montrose, PA, then to recover from yakking my face off for nine days!

See you on August 1!


  1. A very nice story. One we all, even wive's of laity, can relate to.

  2. I loved your story. I just lost my best friend a year ago today. :( We'd been best friends for 14 years. I thought we would grow old and laugh together the rest of our lives. I now call my husband my best friend but miss what I had as a friend with her. In time, I hope God will bring me another BFF but until then, my husband has gotten pretty good at clothes shopping with me. :)

    1. Quiet: Thanks, and you're right: this applies to everyone, not just us P.W.'s

      Terri: I like your attitude, even though I'm sure it hurt to lose your BF. How great is it that your husband shops with you!

  3. Hi Jeanette, Yes, I've been hurt by friends and family alike. We just have to move on and try to forgive. Love this quote with the Charlie Brown picture. : )

    Have a nice break, my dear.


  4. I love this quote with the Charlie Brown picture. Have a nice break, Jeanette, and enjoy these summer days.



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