Tuesday, August 29, 2017

When You Need Physical Healing

All of us need physical healing from time to time. Here is a prayer for you if you're going through a time of sickness:

Father, we know that Jesus was Your will personified on the earth, that He acted only upon what He saw You do and as You directed Him. Because He went about doing good and healing all who came to Him, I believe it is Your will to heal, and that You have not quit healing those who come to You in His name. 

My sister is sick in her body and needs the healing that only You can give. We need divine intervention, the kind of stretching forth of Your hand of grace that You delight in, the kind that brings glory to Your name and seekers to Your feet.

Re-create what is broken or malfunctioning in my friend, please Lord. Restore her to the original design You intended when You knit her in her mother’s womb and when You planned every good day for her before the world came into being, before sin scarred us with maladies.
If sin has snuck into a corner of her heart and conceals itself there, shine Your brightest sun to illumine every hidden snake clothed in dove’s garments. Grant her repentance and joyful obedience so he can once again dance in Your embrace, free of hidden guilt.

Strengthen her faith in her inner being, where she rests deep in Your love, where she knows beyond her understanding that You want her well, that You are against disease and pain. Help her reach out to You and believe that You not only can heal her, but that You also want to heal her. Yes, her. For she is precious to You.

May she not die but live to tell of Your mighty works. May her health be a salt bowl, causing others to thirst for the water of life that is You—always creating, giving, loving, healing.

In Jesus’ name, so be it.

References to Scripture: John 5:19; Acts 10:38; John 9:3; Psalm 139:15–16; Jeremiah 29:11; Ephesians 3:16–17; Psalm 118:17

The above prayer is a chapter in my fourth book, Touchable God: Finding the Lord's Friendship Through Prayer.  It contains 20 stories of my own journey in prayer and 25 prayers for friends in crisis.


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