Tuesday, August 15, 2017

When You Don't Have Time to Pray

You realize that to get the most out of the time you have each day, you need divine intervention. You can’t afford to waste precious time getting distracted or cleaning up messes. Yet you may find yourself thinking or saying, "I don't have time to pray!” 

If by prayer you mean long hours on your knees in the dinky hours of the morning, then perhaps you’re right. But you can train yourself to utilize snippets of time to talk to the Lord as you go about your day, using what I call Prayer Cues—a great way to keep in contact with Jesus all day long.

I use everyday activities as reminders to pray for specific people and circumstances. When I make my bed each morning, I say Psalm 91, asking for protection; when I take a shower, I pray for my marriage; when I get dressed, I say healing Scriptures; when I put my makeup on, I recite prosperity Scriptures; when I clean out the cat boxes, I say Romans 8--not sure the connection there!

I have a friend who prays for her family as she folds their clothes. Another friend prays for the people in the cities and towns she passes through on road trips. We can intercede for our government leaders whenever we hear someone—even ourselves--complaining about them. Any common task or activity—getting in the car, waiting in line, washing dishes—can serve as a Prayer Cue.
             I'm not saying you shouldn't spend hours at a time on your knees, or take some extended time alone, seeking the Lord for help and wisdom. But if you feel like you need more face-to-face time with God, and find yourself saying "I Don't Have Time to Pray," try Prayer Cues**

**Adapted from my newest book Touchable God: Finding The Lord's Friendship through Prayer.  

Have you used prayer cues? When and where do you do your best praying? 


  1. Jeanette: When we had to travel I-70 on our way to Kansas, I prayed for the semi drivers when we passed their trucks. I also pray for churches along our way to where our son lives now. Years ago, it was early summertime, I prayed for each church and their VBS.

  2. "We can intercede for our government leaders whenever we hear someone—even ourselves--complaining about them."

    Uh...then I wouldn't have time to do anything else! ;-)

  3. Prayer cues, I like that word Jeanette. We pray on the freeway when there is an accident for example, or I pray for businesses when I am passing them on my way to work (on my bicycle), I pray when I read emails and answer them (rather than saying, I pray for you). Isn't that what the Bible calls praying without ceasing?


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