Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Why I don't do New Year's Resolutions

I don't do New Year's Resolutions. I shatter them ten minutes into January 1st, then eat two cookies to try and drown my guilt. Then I can't zip my pants.
I set goals instead. They are gentler, kinder, and I can keep track of my progress on a paper tacked to my bedroom wall. Each time I put a check mark in a box next to a goal, I do the happy dance and eat a cookie to celebrate. With this method, I can still zip my pants up!

Do you, like me, say Phooey on New Year's Resolutions? Do you prefer them, or do you set goals? Please share one or two with us.


  1. I don't make new year's resolutions or have a special word for the new year. I just try to be the best me I can be. Happy New Year, Jeanette. I hope much goodness comes your way this year. : )


  2. Hi Jeanette! I was with my sister and her family for New Years, and the subject of resolutions came up. I said I wanted to listen better to the Lord so I would do what he wanted me to do. But everyone else seemed a bit blocked.
    I think the longer we're around, the more we realize that just saying something doesn't make it true. Saying I want to lose weight won't help me zip my pants! Resolutions are hard, harsh work, so I like your idea of goals and being kinder to yourself. We all need to do that.
    Grace and blessings on your 2018,


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