Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Colors Tell about Our Hearts

   I have a thing for colors. You too? I love color combinations in fabric for clothing and upholstery, in jewelry, and in nature. I even have a favorite color of cats! I believe the colors we are drawn to tell about what's in our hearts. 

   As a writer, I enjoy finding new ways to use color:

  • Scarlet heat creeping up my neck
  • Mauve and rose washing across the horizon
  • The blackness of a bitter memory

If you write, how do you use color to enhance your scenes? If you don't write, how does color enrich your life? What are your favorite colors?


  1. " I believe the colors we are drawn to tell about what's in our hearts."

    Oh! I LIKE this!

    I would have to say I use color to set mood. I like your examples here.

    1. Thanks, Sandi. I agree about colors setting moods. This is why they often use red in fast food restaurants--it moves the customers through faster!
      Happy Day, Jen

  2. Hi Jeanette! Oh my, I love that photo you have on the post. That bubble is just full of color!
    I'm not sure I use color in the same way you do, and that's probably a lack on my part. We all connect with color, our 'favorite' one, the color of nature and the paint on our walls. I like colors that speak quiet and peace, dark rusts and olive greens. I spent about two years in Arizona, and I think I was definitely imbued with a love for the desert colors.
    Have a great day, basking in the colors of the day!


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