Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Jesus and fun? Can Those Two Co-exist? You Bet!

Occasionally I do what my husband calls a “Bible dash,”  where I read through the New Testament in as few days as possible. The last time I did so that discovered three fun facts about Jesus I think you'll like. In case you're thinking "Jesus and fun?" Can those two co-exist? You bet! 

     1.     Jesus is generous. 

            When Jesus multiplied a few little rolls and fish from a young boy’s sack lunch to feed a multitude of  thousands, there were twelve baskets of leftovers. And not just Red Riding Hood-sized baskets—these were baskets as tall as a person!
            When Jesus told Peter to go catch a fish to pay his taxes, there was a coin in the fish’s mouth that equaled enough money to pay both Peter’s and Jesus’ taxes.

                  2. Jesus values children

              Jesus tells us to become like kids, not to look down on them, that the Father wants none of them to perish, and that we’re not to hinder them 
from coming to Him.
              Jesus stuck up for the children who praised him in the temple and defended the moms who brought their children to him to be blessed, rebuking his disciples when they tried to keep the kids from coming to Jesus.


3. Jesus can prevent tragedy but sometimes he chooses to wait, so he can do a miracle 

              In the cases of Jairus’ daughter and Lazarus, Jesus could have easily healed either one. Instead, he delayed and they died. Later on, he resurrected them. Sometimes a dream, a situation or a relationship in our lives seems dead. We wonder why Jesus doesn’t just step in an fix it. Why does he delay? Perhaps he waits, knowing that he wants to fully resurrect it, so we’ll see how much he loves us.

            I hope you’ll try a Bible dash sometime. I always find new insights I’d not seen before, and it’s fun to get an overall view of the whole Bible or the New Testament. What is your favorite characteristic about Jesus? 

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  1. Jeanette: You have some interesting thoughts here. Jesus acts in His time, not ours. When He acts, it is then that He makes Himself known in special ways.


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