Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Strange Phenomenon of Love

When our 14-year-old cat, Happy, got sick recently, I noticed a strange phenomenon.  I've begun talking to her more, cuddling her more, and my soul has brimmed with more love for her than when she was healthy. I wondered why my heart had grown two sizes for this sick little girl. 

Then it hit me . . . 

In the last year I've spent more time researching what was wrong with Happy and taking her to the vet than I did during the previous 13 years of her life. And since none of my other cats have ever been this ill, I've spent more money on Happy than any of them. 

Because Happy needs me to a greater degree than my healthy kitties, I've invested more in her than in the others. So, I love her more. 

Of course we know that God doesn't love one of his kids more than the others. He doesn't play favorites. But I wonder if he draws closer to us, investing more attention on us when we are hurting. 

I'd like to think so...

If you're hurting or sick today, take comfort in the fact that Jesus is near you and with you. He has invested his very life and blood to make you his own, and he dearly loves you. 


  1. I don't have words for this, just a smile.

  2. When we pray for someone who is ill, we ask God to be with them. We actually are asking Him to be closer to them than usual. So, yes, God does this for us.


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