Tuesday, December 18, 2018

7 Time Management Tips for the Holidays

If holidays bring you more stress and worry than peace, you might enjoy the following 7 Time Management Tips for the Holidays adapted from my book, Shock the Clock: Time Management for Writers and Other Creatives. 

Knowing how creative you are, I believe you'll find at least one tip you can use.  

1.      Break chores into baby steps.  You can wrap three gifts or bake one batch of cookies or address ten cards at a time—there’s no rule that says you must do everything from start to finish in one sitting. Some tasks—like addressing cards—can be combined with watching a Christmas movie or chatting on the phone to Aunt Bernice.

2.      Reward yourself when you finish a less-than-enjoyable task. Drink a cup of eggnog, call a friend, or read a chapter of a Christmas novel.

3.       Ask yourself, “If I had time to do only ONE thing on my list, what would I do?”

4.      Use paper plates, cups, and plastic ware to save time doing dishes. If you explain to guests, “I’d rather spend time with you than to wash dishes, they'll feel complimented. If using Grandma’s china for Christmas dinner is a non-breakable tradition, pay the kids in the family to help you clean up. If you’re short on cash, reward them by letting them have first dibs on dessert. If you wait till clean up is finished before serving dessert, those dishes will get done lickety-split!

5.      Listen to Christmas music while doing houseworkit will help it go faster.

6.      Never wait till the last minute—something will always come up to delay your finishing on time. Allow plenty of leeway for interruptions and glitches.

7.      Learn to say “no” without apologizing. Your time, health, and emotional stability are worth more than pleasing every elf in the workshop.

By the way, Shock the Clock makes a fun stocking stuffer for all your creative friends--it's not just for writers!

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