Tuesday, February 19, 2019

May You Rest in His Embrace

A Blessing for You

May you rest in His embrace,
His friendship strengthen you.
May you believe His love,
His kindness make you secure.
May you flourish in His goodness,
His favor pursue you.
May the well of His grace
Give you courage to start over.
May His mighty power protect you,
His generosity make you great,
His faithfulness delight you,
His majesty awe you.

He is the gift
And the giver as well.
His blood will make you right.
His light will give you
All the wisdom and all the guidance
You’ll ever need.
He is for you.
Yes, Jesus is for you.

So, may you dance in His sweetness,
May you never doubt his affection,
May you walk in all His glory,
And may you be bathed in His riches.


Do you like poetry? Have you written any?
How does this blessing make you feel? 


  1. Beautiful thoughts. Since the first of January, our church has lost four people to heaven. Two were unexpected and two were older people who were in nursing facilities. Right now, I believe we all are resting on Jesus.

  2. I wouldn't call myself a poet, but I do write some here and there. This blessing is awesome, we are called to bless one another. Thank you for your beautiful words Jeanette.


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