Tuesday, April 9, 2019

12 Ways to Love and Care for An Introvert

My best friend, husband, and favorite introvert

Either you are an introvert, married to one, or have one as a best friend. I love introverts. They balance my zany, impulsive nature and bring me down to earth. I appreciate and admire them.

Here are 12 ways to love and care for the introverts in your life:

1.      RESPECT their privacy and need for alone time.

2.      NEVER reprimand them IN PUBLIC.

3.      Let them VIEW first in new situations, before requiring them to act.

4.      Allow them TIME TO THINK. Don’t demand quick answers.

5.      Don’t INTERRUPT them.

6.      Give them ADVANCE NOTICE of changes to their environment and lives.

7.      Give them 15 MINUTE WARNINGS to finish whatever they’re doing.

8.      Teach them new skills PRIVATELY.

9.      Enable them to find ONE BEST FRIEND who shares their interests.

10.  DON’T PUSH them to make many friends.

11.  RESPECT their quiet souls. Don’t try to make them EXTROVERTS.

12.  PRAISE every attempt at spontaneity and friendliness.
Next week, we'll talk about extroverts. That should be FUN!
If you are an introvert, which item(s) in the above list most resonated with you? If you are an extrovert, which items do you need to work  on?


  1. Thank you for these tips!! They will help me to be more sensitive!! As I tend to be more of an extrovert, and so sometimes in loving the introverts who I love I am not always giving enough space for sure!! Love and blessings!!

    1. I hear you, Shayndel. I am an extrovert married to an introvert, and I need these tips myself!


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