Tuesday, April 28, 2020

When You Feel Like You've Lost Your Joy

An excerpt from my prayer journal on a day I felt like I'd lost my joy…

Lord, I need encouragement today. I really don’t want to go by my feelings, or I wouldn’t have a good day at all. I know I have to choose joy and choose to have peace rather than turmoil, but I need Your help even in the choosing. I need you to show me what to do and how to think in order to choose joy rather than sorrow. And I need You to send me encouragement, because right now I just don’t care about anything. To care would mean work, and I’d rather rest and sleep and escape.”

Jeanette, I don’t want you to CARE. I will care for you. When you TAKE CARE, it means you aren’t giving me a chance to help you and care for you. You are trying to do it yourself and that’s pride. When you let go and relax, My spirit takes over and gets the job done in an almost effortless way. You know it’s Me when you don’t have to struggle to get it and struggle to keep it. For Me to carry you, you need to simply relax and not wiggle down and run off. Trusting Me means allowing Me to carry you. JUST QUIT TRYING SO HARD.” 

I am forever amazed at the timelessness of God’s words. I hope His shepherding of my heart spoke to yours today. May you rest in Him, allowing Him to care for you. 

The above prayer journal excerpt is now a chapter in my new book, Hello, Beautiful! Finally Love Yourself Just as You Are, co-authored with Beth Gormong. 


  1. Sounds like us in the pandemic time. I have been journaling lately. Good way to remember the ups and downs right now. I am thankful for God who helps us alot. always with us, never leaves us nor forsakes us. His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness, Lord unto me!!

  2. This pandemic has us all messing with us. No one I know has really grumbled about having to stay in but I know it has put a crimp in the way things are done. When our church opens again, we have been told that things will not be the same as we remember. God is in control, I have to remember that. Peace and blessings.

  3. Just quit trying so hard... hmmm, yep. Amen.
    I guard my joy, I must... because there is this thief


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