Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Overwhelmed? This Will Help

Overwhelmed? This entry from my Prayer Journal may help:

Dear Father: I love you more than life. I worship you, as only you are worthy. I don’t want the essence of my life to be about writing, I don’t want to be swallowed up in this gift- I want my focus to be on You—the giver and Lord of the gift. Must I drown in this calling? Must I be in the belly of a whale called “The Writing Life?” Somehow I don’t think that is Your will. Even Jesus was not all about one thing. He taught, he healed, He did miracles. But He also rested and celebrated.

“Jesus was not driven. He was led. If you’re driven, there is a furious fire that is never quenched, growing larger and hotter and more dangerous. If you’re led, you are always listening for My voice, and your heart is open to changes I may make in your agenda. There is no panic or force. If you are aggressive, it is not because you fear—it’s because I’m leading you to be bold. If you are quiet and restful it’s not from laziness, but My hand of peace upon you.

"You can be like Jesus if you are willing to follow and not insist on “leading your own life.” Leading is my job. I know how."

Teach me how to follow, dear Lord. Give me a heart to obey, in Jesus' Name.

If you feel overwhelmed, try asking God to help you learn to follow. And then rest in His willingness to help you, His dear child. 


  1. That is quite a post Jeanette, makes me think :)

  2. I love it, Jeanette! I'm feeling "whelmed," but I copied it into my journal when I'm feeling "overwhelmed." Just out of curiosity, is the red text what you sense God is saying back to you? Very powerful!


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